1. Carmel Gates of the Socialist Party speaking in Belfast at protest and vigil called following the tragic and needless death of Savita Halappanavar in Galway, who died after being repeatedly refused an abortion.

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  2. Socialist Party councillor Ruth Coppinger (see video) was the opening speaker at the Never Again - Rally and Protest in Dublin on Saturday 17 November called in the wake of the death of Savita Halappanavar.

    Savita, who was suffering a miscarriage, died after was refused an abortion at University Hospital Galway at the end of October. According to her husband once it was clear that the foetus was unviable Savita's requests for an abortion were refused despite the fact that she was in agony and there was a serious threat to her health. Only after a number of days of horrendous suffering and complications, in fact until the foetal heartbeat had finally stopped did the consultant act and Savita was treated. Savita contracted septicaemia and later died.

    The demo on Saturday, called by an ad-hoc group was a huge demonstration of solidarity with Savita and her husband, Praveen, as well as a demonstration of the disgust that people feel at the terrible treatment Savita suffered and at the betrayal of women's rights by the political establishment, including Labour, who have failed over many years to legislate for abortion facilities in Ireland.

    It took 30 minutes for the demo to pass by the GPO in O'Connell Street on its way to the back of the Dail. The bulk of the attendance were people between the ages of 25 and 35 and there were relatively small numbers of people over 40 or under 20. A new movement for abortion rights in Ireland has been ignited.

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  3. Socialist Party Councillor Ruth Coppinger speaking at public meeting on the alternative to capitalist crisis 8/11/2012

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The Socialist Party is an all-Ireland party organised throughout the South of Ireland and Northern Ireland. We have been active since the early 1970s, previously known as Militant and Militant Labour we became the Socialist Party in 1997. We have a youth…

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The Socialist Party is an all-Ireland party organised throughout the South of Ireland and Northern Ireland. We have been active since the early 1970s, previously known as Militant and Militant Labour we became the Socialist Party in 1997. We have a youth section of the party - Socialist Youth - a campaigning organisation fighting for the rights of young people and the struggle for a socialist society. We are affiliated to the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI) which united socialists in over 40 countries across the world.

The Socialist Party has a proven track record of campaigning and fighting for the rights of working class people. All of the major political parties North and South support the capitalist market system. The Socialist Party believes that the working class need a new political force capable of providing a real alternative to the establishment parties and we support the building of a new mass working class party which is committed to struggling for socialism

Our members are organising throughout the trade union movement to build an alternative to the right-wing trade unions leaders who for decades have been in social partnership deals with governments and the employers that have resulted in a huge shift in wealth away from the working class to the profits of big business and the super-rich. We believe there is a need for workers to reclaim the trade unions to transform them into democratic fighting trade unions who put the interests of working class people first.

In the South we were instigators and leaders of the successful campaign which defeated the water charges, an unjust double tax and. Socialist Party public representatives Joe Higgins and Councillor Clare Daly spent a month in Mountjoy Prison because of their leadership of the campaign against bin charges, which as we predicted have increased year after year. We have supported and assisted countless workers struggles and strikes over the last forty years.

In Northern Ireland the Socialist Party have campaigned for nearly 40 years for unity of the working class, Protestant and Catholic as the only solution to the conflict. We have been the only political party of the left which has consistently refused to bend to the pressures of sectarianism. The national problem is intractable and insoluble on the basis of capitalism. We are for a socialist solution - working class unity to bring about a socialist Ireland as a free and voluntary part of a socialist federation of Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales and, on a wider scale, of a socialist European federation.

The Socialist Party and our youth section Socialist Youth have campaigned against the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Gaza, the West Bank and the Sri Lankan government’s war against the Tamils.

We believe that the economic, social and environmental problems of society are caused by capitalism. On an international basis it is possible to provide every human with a decent standard of living that affords them a good education, quality health care, a home, a healthy diet and a safe and clean environment.

This poverty and inequality is caused by the capitalist system which puts profit before the needs of people. In a socialist society production would be planned to meet the needs of the majority and on a global scale socialism would be capable of eradicating poverty, end the causes of war and conflict and collectively use the resources of humanity to deal with global warming.

The world recession is inflicting unimaginable suffering on the working class and poor of the neo-colonial majority world and in the advanced capitalist countries tens of millions are losing their jobs and are being impoverished. Increasingly people are questioning capitalism and are looking for an alternative to provide a better life for them and their families. The Socialist Party is committed to building a viable political alternative that can unite the majority of people in a struggle for socialism.

We want you to join the Socialist Party – every new member has an important role to play in helping to build a political alternative to the capitalist establishment parties. Join us today and join the struggle for a socialist society.

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