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  1. So I had been pushing Timeca to do a short for some time, an incredible actress with a million great story ideas. “Drama” was one she had mentioned and one that I fell immediately in love with. Maybe it’s because when I was a kid when I told my Dad I was getting picked on he said “What do ya want me to do about it? Ya gotta stand up for yourself”. The next day I did, got my ass kicked. Anyway, as I was saying, we had bounced around a lot of ideas and this was actually part of an longer story she had thought of doing. From the first time I heard this particular part of the storyline I thought it would work really well as a short, picking up from when Drama gets out of bed and walks by her Auntie who’s passed out, ending with Drama’s moment of self-realization in the mirror, perhaps not exactly Norman Rockwell but a slice of life nonetheless.

    Took me five months to convince Timeca to go for it and once we decided to do this it was cast, found locations, shot and edited within a week and I really couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out. We got incredibly lucky with the casting, only auditioned 6 girls for the parts of Drama and the bully and don’t think we could have found anyone better had we auditioned 100. Huge props to Ann Woodward (Drama) and Gianna Redeemer (the bully). Both just amazing and incredible to work with, I know we will be seeing a whole lot more of you two!

    Of course Timeca rocked it, never had any doubts about that, and never had any doubts about her screen love interest of the moment played by Aaron Spivey-Sorrells. For those of you who watch “Friday Night Lights” you’re probably familiar with his work, he’s appeared in every episode except the pilot as Coach Spivey. We were all nothing but flattered that he was interested in being a part of our humble little short.

    As for the making of stuff that I like to babble about, we shot this over one verrrrrry long day and picked up a few shots over a couple hours a few days later. Because of the nature of this one I wanted to keep it with a more real/doc type feel and opted for a handheld look. A little ironic that two of our actors were from Friday Night Lights (Timeca has also made an appearance on the show) and I went with the swishy sway cam but what can I say? When it works it works. My favorite shot of the whole piece is the shot coming off the roof. Took us awhile to find a location and when we did winded up with one that didn’t have rooftop access. Thankfully, Austin Habitat for Humanity did have a trusty old lift truck that hoisted us up two at a time with our equipment so we could get the shot I wanted.

    Side note, the song playing in the background while Drama is running from the other kids was a song called “Get Low“ by First Class Fresh who Timeca’s son, Elgyn A. Chandler Jr. is a member of. The group makes a guest appearance as the boys who tease Drama as she’s walking by. You can see the music video I did for their song “Wobble House” here:

    This was shot on a Sony EX1 with a Letus35 extreme, edited in Sony Vegas.

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  2. Artist : First Class Fresh
    Song : Wobble House
    Album: JetLag
    Director: Raymond J. Schlogel
    Production Company : Underground Planet

    This was a quick and dirty little music vid shot on a pair of Canon 2Ti's for the hip-hop group First Class Fresh. Not a lot to say about the concept, just wanted something fun and a little quirky. The guys from First Class Fresh were totally charismatic and the actor who became affectionately known as "Angry Waffle Guy" played by Kenneth C. Liverman, had us all cracking up. He was originally there to just be a background extra but for so many obvious reasons hadta give him a bigger role. So glad he showed up!

    Another bonus extra was "Chad Happens" showed up who some may recognize from his parody video's on YouTube. He showed up, put on sunglasses and spanked the girls with waffles. God bless his little heart.

    As with just about everything else of mine this was edited in Sony Vegas and CC'd with Magic Bullet.

    You can download the song FREE here:

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  3. Threads Of Hope Charity Fashion Show
    April 24th, 2010

    After casting Stacy Zeiler Kenyon as the lead for Rex Robards "Whiskey Wrote This Song" music video, Stacy invited me to a fashion show for her Siren Swimwear line as a fundraiser for Threads of Hope, a nonprofit whose goal is to stop the abuse and trafficking of children in the Philippines. I offered to make a little montage of the event, originally thinking I would just drop my EX1 at the end of the runway and pick some shots handheld with my T2i outfitted with the new Z-Finder Pro to make a little 3-5 minute vid.

    I had totally planned on keeping it simple. By the time the date rolled around I had had the idea of opening with black and white stills of the pre-show after seeing some of the pics of the makeup Stacy planned on using. I also added another EX1, another T2i, and just for grins a GY-HM100U because a friend had one. And by the time I got to editing the 3-5 minute montage was out the window and I ended up with this nearly 15 minute version of the show.

    The hair and makeup and Stacy's vision for the show was just breathtaking, the models (who by the way are not professional models but friends of Stacy's) did such an amazing job, well, I really couldn't have made this any shorter could I?

    P.S. Ill be swapping out this version of the video with a newer version with complete credits soon so if you check back and it's not available give it a little while and try again.

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  4. Just for funsies decided to set up my little Canon to get a bit of timelapse from our shoot last night (4.8.2010). This was for the band performance part of a music video I'm currently directing for Rex Robards song "Whiskey Wrote This Song".

    As for this shoot, had a great time even though I froze my butt off. Got down to somewhere in the 40's and since the day had been so friggin gorgeous I totally talked myself out of bringing a coat, lesson learned. From now on if it's on outdoor shoot I'm bringing a jacket if its 100 degrees out.

    We're shooting this one on a RED, whoot! We'll be picking up the storyline shots on the 27th, can't wait!!! Expect to see the finished video within the first couple weeks of May.

    Great crew, great band, great song, what more can ya ask for?

    ... besides a coat.

    Shot with Canon T2i with a Opteka Timer Remote, lens was the Tokina 11-16MM F/2.8, imported image sequence to Sony Vegas. Did a couple push-ins in post but that was about it for this one. Keepin it simple!

    See the final video here:

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  5. My first little DSLR vid.

    After much himming and hawing over getting a 5D or 7D for quite sometime now I finally got lured into the world of DSLRs with the release of the new Canon T2i.

    Had my first chance yesterday to go out with my friend Matthew Iha to do a little testing. I can't pretend that I had any clue what the hell I was doing as the footage will show. It was all pretty reckless, just grabbed the camera straight out of the box and a tripod and headed to the dog park on Town Lake here in Austin. The profile was the default and we were only using the kit's EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens. Most of it was shot 1080 24p but did manage to work in a couple 720 shots to try slomo in post.

    Would have had this online last night except that due to my noobishness ran into major headaches trying to edit the native footage. Today after downloading CineForm's Neo Scene, transcoded the files to avi and re-editing it from scatch in Sony Vegas all is right with the world.

    Hope you'll forgive the not so great footage and hasty edit. Overall I loved it. Defiantly not the right camera for all situations but loads of fun. I think the main thing I didn't like was the lens but today I got the Fotodiox Pro Adapter Philip Bloom mentioned in one of his blogs that'll allow me to use some of my old Nikon lenses. think that will make a big difference. Will post some more when I get a chance to play now that I know how to edit this stuff. =)

    Music : The Cult - Peace Dog

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