1. This video is embedded with the Schumann Earth Resonance Frequency and Pure Love Energy.

    The Schumann Resonance is named after the German scientist who discovered it in 1952, W.O. Schumann.

    The Schumann Resonance is the frequency at which the earth's magnetosphere resonates (7.83 hertz). It is therefore fundamental to the nature of this planet.

    Many believe that entraining the brain at 7.83Hz helps to align your energy with the earth's energy. The effect is very refreshing!

    Interestingly there are indications that the Earth's Frequency may be progressively shifting due to a variety of reasons that cannot be discussed here.

    However, this factor in no way diminishes the effectiveness of this video.

    In terms of brainwave EEG frequencies, 7.83Hz is in the high theta range. Theta is the level just above delta which is deep, dreamless sleep.

    Use this video with or without headphones to clear spaces of negative energy.

    You can view all my free audios and videos at thereisaway.org

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  2. Do you find yourself holding your breath? Do you suffer from stress? This breathing exercise is based on the ancient practice of Hatha Yoga.

    It is an isometric exercise for the stomach, and may also help with the relief of stress and panic attacks. Pulling the belly button towards the spine engages and retrains the deepest abdominal muscles.

    This also has a strengthening effect on the spine. At the office and at home, take a 3-minute breather when you start to feel the negative effects of stress. The video has been encoded with the Schumann Earth Frequency Resonance for added benefits.

    There is detailed information about this free hatha yoga breathing exercise at


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    This is by far one of the most powerful tools I have released to date.

    The Source Call is a quick and efficient process that embeds three powerful secret technologies left to us by the Ancients. The Source Call is capable of causing “miraculous” events and turnarounds, including spontaneous healings and resolutions to seemingly impossible challenges.

    The process of the Source Call includes three powerful secret technologies.
    1. The focusing the attention in your heart region—your centre.
    2. The becoming aware of our connection with Higher Intelligence, the eternal and infinite source of creative energy that gives life to all that is.
    3. The becoming aware of our physical bond and connection with Mother Earth and the love that we have for our beloved mother.
    4. The powerful and proven beneficial effects of the Earth Frequency embedded in the sound file.
    5. The sound of “Ha The power of the sound “Ha” is well known to all religious and spiritual masters. This sound alone is capable of summoning the Light, and altering events.
    6. The looped sign of infinity. When focused upon and used in a certain way, this symbol will infuse your entire being and the being of people you behold with immense power.

    1. When the little girl sitting on the world appears, become aware that ..
    a. You are connected to Mother Earth physically and spiritually. Think of the fact that you are part of this planet, suspended in the Universe, sitting on planet earth, spinning and orbiting in space. Feel the physical bond with Mother Earth.
    b. Your inner power resides in your heart region (the centre)—think of that imaginary point.
    c. Send an imaginary beam of Light to Higher Intelligence above you and know that just this act alone instantly aligns you with Higher Intelligence, irrespective of your current emotions and outer world conditions.
    2. Then sound the “Ha” Source Call. Contemplate the fact that you are “calling” the Light. When you send the Source Call, KNOW that you are being heard--expect a reply. Compare the Source Call to calling the name of a loved one who is nearby. Become aware of the presence of Higher Intelligence.
    3. When the symbol of the Infinite appears, follow the lines of the loop symbol with your eyes. Move your head slightly to follow the lines. The movement will be a figure of eight movement.

    Then imagine the symbol covering your entire body, other people, your location, your challenge.

    Do this as you continue to call the Source Call.

    4. When the picture of the little girl return, repeat the process in step 1

    Please do not stress out over the “technique”. Do not entertain to thoughts telling you “you are doing it wrong”.
    You cannot do it wrong. Even if you miss a step or two, or mess up the process, provided you focus on the power of the sound, you will be automatically drawn into the experience.

    As you become more experienced with the Source Call, the procedure and the steps will come to you instinctively and intuitively. You cannot “force” this process to happen. It just happens because Higher Intelligence decides it to make it happen.
    PLEASE BREATHE!!!!! Take a deep breath before each call. If you run out of breath before the sound on the video ends, please BREATHE and continue.
    Gasping for breath will preclude you from experiencing the Source Call benefits . As you become more experienced with the Source Call, your lung capacity will improve. Even if it does not improve it is not a big deal.
    The Source Call takes place at a vibrational level. Please do not allow your ego to turn the Source Call into a challenge.

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  4. This video has nothing to do with religion.

    If you choose to believe that the Scriptures refer to real events and real people, I respect that.

    However, this video relates to a series of codes that the Ancients left to us.

    Embedded within the beautiful words of this prayer is an encoded message.

    If you recite this prayer as you would an affirmation--with an understanding heart of its intended meaning, you will become enlightened, and your life will improve--irrespective of creed, race or colour.

    Religions are necessary stepping stones in the process of evolution and are to be respected as such. However, the nature of Source Healing has nothing to do with gods, religions, creeds and dogmas.

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  5. This meditation deals with programs and memories causing low self-esteem and feelings of inadequacy. It will help you realise that everyone here on earth is equally worthy of love and respect. Simply listen to the audio and answer the questions the best you can.

    We will guide you through a powerful combined session of EFT and Ho'oponopono to help you erase the false memories and programs from your consciousness.

    This audio includes binaural technology. Please check with your health professional before listening.

    For best results use headphones.

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