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  1. Director / Executive Producer: Gerardo F. Santos
    Writers: Randolph Bookman, Gerardo F. Santos
    Produced by Randolph Bookman, Iris Ichishita

    Laura Coker Sava
    Mark Deklin Lucan Andril
    Jeff Doba Darth Teros
    Jacob Gray Bocaj
    Brian Munce Merc
    Marc Ian Sklar Brock
    Mark Stephen Daynar
    Jesse Warren Orrin

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  2. Directed & Produced by Alejandro Beltran

    Based on original story by Ron Marz

    Director of Photography: Pablo Clemente

    Editor: Jose Manuel Jacas

    (full credits at the end of the clip)

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  3. Directed by Vincent Desevre
    with: Florent Deyber - Laurent Lubrano
    Camera, Editing, Sound/Music Editing and Mixing, And Special Visual Effects: Vincent Desevre
    Costumes: Catherine Levasseur - Martine Desevre
    Still Photographer: Nicole Dominique
    Great Thanks to Catherine Levasseur
    Copyright VD PROD June 2003

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    see many more star wars fan films here!

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    see many more star wars fan films here!

    THE DARK REDEMPTION is a unique collaboration between Star Wars fans and up and coming Australian filmmakers. The non-profit film is set 48 hours before the original Star Wars IV. Made primarily for a fan film competition in Melbourne, the 35mm short feature has since been invited to screen at other film festivals around the world.

    In 1998, Warren Duxbury, a very serious Australian Star Wars fan, approached Pete Mether about a short film project he was developing, The Dark Redemption. Warren was working closely with a team of Star Wars hard-core fans. Their irrepressible passion and optimism was over whelming.

    Together they forged a team of Star Wars fans with Pete's filmmaking network. The end result was a 35mm non-profit 35mm short feature, The Dark Redemption. The project involved over 200 people all freely donating their time and resources to a fan film which shall never receive any monetary return. Sounds crazy….

    The team were fortunate to muster the support of well known Australian actors and celebrities. Including original cast member Peter ‘TK421 why aren’t you at your post’ Sumner and Andrew Gibson (Mel’s younger brother). Local identities Leah McLeod, Nathan Harvey, Jabba and Maynard from Channel V to name but a few. Actors included David Wheeler, Damian Rice, Jason Chong, Martin Grelis and Alan Cinis.

    Original music was composed by William Bowden and Craig Sue (Festival Records) with additional songs by popular Australian band Nitocris. But the opportunity to work with an icon of the stunt world, Grant Page (Mad Max trilogy) was an experience the team will never forget.

    Realism has been created using many authentic prop and Star Wars costumes. Boba Fett, Aliens, Jawas and, of course, Imperial Stormtroopers all appear looking very much as they did in the original. (Peter Sumner has even brought back his 1970’s sideburns!) Visual Effects guru Theo Maniatis lead a large graphics team of varied experience to bring the Space Opera to life.

    There was no budget, everyone volunteered their time and no money will ever be made from the project. It was made to delight the hardcore Star Wars fans and hopefully launch many long lasting film careers.

    Garrock ... David Wheeler
    Mara Jade ... Leah McLeod
    Zev Senesca ... Damian Rice
    Klaus Vanderon ... Jason Chong
    Boba Fett ... Martin Greus
    Lieutenant Pol Treidum ... Peter Sumner
    Darth Vader ... Ben Craig
    Voice of Darth Vader ... Alan Cinis
    Emperor Palpatine ... Drew Sneddon
    Voice of Emperor Palpatine ... William Bowden
    Kyle Katarn ... Nathan Harvey
    Hah'Styyk Baba ... Michelle Ellard
    Lieutenant Arras ... Andrew Gibson Maynard
    Lieutenant Drovas ... Jake Downs
    Lieutenant Raltar ... David Lucas
    Lieutenant Vallie ... Will Usic
    Lieutenant Tighe ... David Edwards
    Captain McDougal ... Robert McDougal

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Star Wars Fan Films

Darth Anonymous

A place to see some of the better star wars fan films in one place. More will be included here over time, there is a 500mb limit a week for uploads. Please post comments and feel free to get the forum started.

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  • Romain Mongin

    I've put 'The Empire Strikes Back's asteroid field chase next to 'The Force Awakens' shipyard chase, check it out! The length of both scene is roughly the same... Coincidence?

    by Romain Mongin

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    How could something so cute be so terrifying?

    by Rich Williamson

  • EIAS3D
    This is a music video clip I did for two George's, my father, a great Brazilian art director which opened my mind for visuals and when I was 8, introduced me to another George, the one which made me dream with Sci-Fi and Fantasy.
    All done with Electricimage, After Effects and Photoshop.
    Hope you like my humble way to say "thanks" to both George's.
    Tomas Egger

    by EIAS3D

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