1. Top 5 Secrets to Getting College Funding

    The average cost of university in the U.S. is $34,740 per year. Many students now get their BA in 5 years vs the previously traditional 4 years bringing the average cost of college to obtain a Bachelors degree to over $173,000! The average student graduates with between $25,000 to $50,000 in student loan debt after all scholarships and grants have been accounted for.

    This episode of "Stop My Crisis with Vivian Gaspar" is critical for all parents to watch since our guest, Michael Rappa is quoted that the best time to start planning for your child's college expenses is as soon as you find out you are expecting your child! (Ideally during pregnancy!)
    Michael Rappa's expertise in helping parents plan for how to pay for college expenses regardless of when they contact Mr. Rappa or what the family's income is. Mr. Rappa's expert advise is meant to help their children avoid the really unfortunate statics which state that for federal student loans, the standard repayment plan expects borrowers to pay off their debt in 8- 10 years. For many, however, it can take twice as long. Research from Citizens Financial Group suggests that 60 percent of student debt borrowers expect to pay off their loans in their 40's.

    Naturally, this becomes even more critical when the college student desires a Masters degree or even a PHD.

    Watch this episode and learn several very crucial tips on the right ways to save and some startling facts which would otherwise costs you many thousands needlessly.

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  2. New Poduct Lowers Abortion Rates

    The World Health Organization estimates that there are 40-50 million induced abortions per year. In the United States there are over 4 million successful pregnancies using IVF treatments. What do these 2 startling facts have in common? On this episode of "Stop My Crisis with Vivian Gaspar" our guest Helen Denise is here to share her over 20 years of knowledge on women's fertility with our audience to either help them get pregnant without the need for IVF or avoid pregnancy with her very easy to use product KnowWhen. KnowWhen is an advanced ovulation test which Helen has created to help women and their families get much better control over their bodies and their lives .

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  3. 3 Ways to Give Your Child a Truama Free Childhood

    Every year it is estimated over 300,000 kids are lured into sex trafficking in the United States. October 2019 a police raid freed 123 missing children who were sex trafficked in Michigan. In this week's episode of "Stop My Crisis with Vivian Gaspar" our guest Jenifer Gerae discusses the many different types of traumas which could plague children to traumatize their childhood and what parents can do to prevent them. Abduction leading to sex trafficking is only 1 potential danger. Jenifer also discusses the potential dangers of on line gaming which over 63% of kids participate in as well as how kids observing domestic violence traumatizes kids.

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  4. The Critical Secret From an Employment Attorney for all Small Business Owners

    More than 50% of small businesses in the U.S. have a gross revenue of less than $44,000 per year! You simply can not be successful doing it alone. In order to grow a small business you must eventually hire employees. However, with employees comes legal responsibilities. In order to avoid many potential issues it is best to fully understand the benefits of having an Employee Handbook.

    This episode of Stop My Crisis with Vivian Gaspar features our guest Janette Levey Frisch who is a highly experienced business attorney who is here to share critical information for every small business owner who is even considering hiring even part time employees. Mrs. Levey- Frisch gives valuable insight on what needs to be addressed in an employee handbook which could critically help you avoid potential discrimination lawsuits which could save you many thousands in legal services. Ms. Levey Frisch also addresses several other important points regarding employee relations.

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  5. Who Should Be The Real Love Of Your Life? Earn More with REAL Self Love

    There is still a gender gap; and it is devastating women and children with needless financial suffering. In this episode of "Stop My Crisis with Vivian Gaspar" our guest Shelley Esler, an amazing intuitive healer from Chicago, is here to help women understand specific techniques to help them improve their lives dramatically.

    Women earning 80 cents to every male dollar is a myth... it is actually 49 cents to every male dollar when reviewed statics over a 15 year average! There are many factors contributing to this, one of these important factors is women being taught from child hood to not prioritize themselves over others and to be careful not to assert themselves lest they hurt someone's feelings. In the workplace this translates to women more frequently not negotiating for the salaries or raises which they truly deserve. For many women who are struggling to take care of their families they are more likely to be single parents and many do not receive child support which could also potentially be because of underlying self esteem issues. Many of women's financial struggles could be minimized if they learned self love techniques to raise their self esteem and become more assertive overall in their lives and demand fair pay and raises which they are entitled to as well as child support payments which they are frequently bullied into direct pay abuse and then need to fight in court to receive their support benefits for their children.

    This is must see episode women, girls and those who love them to learn specifically to to re-gain their inner voice to not just be heard again but for many to be heard for the first time.

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Stop My Crisis

“Stop My Crisis with Vivian Gaspar” is a half hour show which brings highly pertinent information. Interviews will address steps to solving an immediate crises, which large portions of New Jersey residents are currently facing. Guests are specifically…

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“Stop My Crisis with Vivian Gaspar” is a half hour show which brings highly pertinent information. Interviews will address steps to solving an immediate crises, which large portions of New Jersey residents are currently facing. Guests are specifically chosen for their high levels of expertise in complimentary fields to one another per episode in order to interact in such a way to bring out more topical and timely aspects of the theme of the each episode.

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