Welcome to video content from the Irish Department at St Paul’s High School, Bessbrook. We hope you find the videos we have made available to you useful and they help you learn and practice your new vocabulary, phrases and sentences in a fun and easy way. Our videos are designed to be short and fast, so don’t forget to watch again if you need to practice a little more, or to use the pause button on the video screen below if you need to stop the video at any time.

Slide 1 / Greeting:

Hello, I’m Mr Murray and welcome to this video from St Paul’s High School, introducing you to different ways of saying hello and goodbye.

Over the course of this video we will learn a number of different ways of greeting someone and saying goodbye to them.

Let’s begin.

Slide 2:

Saying hello to someone in Irish is very easy. We use the phrase ‘Dia duit’. Practice saying hello in Irish. Dia duit.

Did you know ‘Dia duit’ has a deeper meaning than simply hello? It’s a very old phrase in the Irish language. The first word ‘Dia’ refers to ‘God’ and ‘duit’ means ‘at you’. So when you greet someone in Irish you’re actually saying ‘God be at you’.

Slide 3:

In English, when someone says hello to you, it’s customary to say hello back. In Irish we don’t reply by saying ‘Dia duit’ again. Instead, we use the reply ‘Dia is Muire Duit’. Practice replying to someone saying hello in Irish. Dia is Muire Duit.

Can you work out the original meaning of ‘Dia is Muire Duit’? Muire refers to Mary the mother of God, and the word ‘is’ is a shorter version of a word we’ll meet later this year ‘agus’ which means ‘and’. Dia is Muire duit, actually means God and Mary be at you.
Slide 4:

Saying hello to more than one person is different in Irish. We only use Dia duit when we’re talking to one person. When meeting a group of people we say ‘Dia daoibh’. Listen out for your teacher greeting you with this phrase at the beginning of your Irish class.

You teacher might say ‘Dia daoibh, a rang’ which means ‘Hello class’.

Slide 5:

Saying goodbye in Irish is easy. We have a nice short word that isn’t difficult to remember. The word for goodbye in Irish is ‘Slán’.

Practice saying Slán. ‘Slán’.

Slide 6:

When somebody is leaving a room it’s nice to say to them ‘Slán leat’

Slide 7:

And the reply to Slán leat is ‘Slán agat’. This is usually said by the person who is leaving, and who has heard ‘Slán leat’ being said to them.

Slide 8:

The last phrase we’ll learn today is how to say bye for now. We use the phrase ‘Slán go fóill’, which means ‘goodbye for now’.

Practice saying ‘Slán go fóill’. Slán go fóill

Slide 9:

Let’s revise the new words and phrases we’ve learned in this lesson.

Dia duit
Dia is Muire duit
Dia daoibh
Slán leat
Slán agat
Slán go fóill.

I hope you enjoyed this video and have found it useful. Remember you can watch this video over and over again until you’re confident with greeting and saying goodbye to people in Irish.

Your teacher will help you practice these phrases in class. Make sure to ask for help or support if you’re not sure how to pronounce the words.

Check back soon for more videos from the Irish Department at St Paul’s High School.

Until the next time, go dtí an chéad uair eile – Slán go fóill.

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