It is not called "Darkling" for nothing; please use headphones and watch this in a dark place! Filmed by Leo van Emden at the Cinedans Festival in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in December 2010. // "Darkling" is a sonic and visual passage through the imaginative landscape of the medieval mind. Starting from fables passed through the ages, sprinkled with rumors of love and sea monsters, magic and ghosts, steeped in superstition and poetry, "Darkling" exists somewhere between solo performance, interactive digital technology and multichannel radio play. // Created, written and directed by Hélène Lesterlin, performed by Kimberly Young, with sound by Stephan Moore, video and software engineering by Frieder Weiss, lighting by Scott Bolman, costumes by Anastacia Bolina, additional choreography by Kimberly Young, and featuring the voices of Kyle deCamp, Yehuda Duenyas, Kyra Miller, and Peter Schmitz. //

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Hélène Lesterlin / Studio Reynard

Hélène Lesterlin

Documentation of performances created by Studio Reynard / directed by Hélène Lesterlin. For more info:


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