Header video for the Mark's Gospel Proves Q Scholars Wrong playlist here in vimeo, and also to the one in Youtube, same name. This (9/15/09 Markintro.wmv) video introduces the 'Quelle' Gospel Hoax, my satirical song. I wrote the words to an old Windows 95 rendition of 'a-roving'.

The rest of the playlist material shows a) that the Q people admit they want to create a hoax, and b) how you can PROVE Mark's Gospel is third. All ya gotta do, is READ it ALONGSIDE the other books which came out the same Year of the Four Emperors. Duh.

Full Mark playlist is here: youtube.com/playlist?list=PL358C20D575D1B580 . View it with the Synoptics and Royal Family of God series, because Book of Hebrews uses Mark's Gospel as its OUTLINE: what a shock, the writer of Hebrews combines Peter and Mark's Gospel to create an interactive outline for his points, which are FIRST based on Psalm 110 and Jeremiah 31. So the RFG series will be extensively developed over 2015, to demonstrate that (assuming I live that long).

For some 'scholars' have long contended that the Gospels are all partial 'copies' from one common source they came to call 'Q'. Some think Mark is this source, so erroneously place his Gospel as the earliest. Some others think all of the Synoptics are essentially copied from some earlier source, thus calling the Divine Inspiration of the Gospels, into question.

The egregious liars called the 'Church Fathers' -- inventors of the Pope lie -- lie about Peter and Mark, too. Of course, now their OLD lies are respected. These bilious liars thought of some 'common' other Gospel being first, as they too didn't trust God to communicate His Word directly to the writers. Sigh.

God, foreknowing all this in advance, made sure Mark's own Gospel proved them all wrong. For they neglect a primary principle of hermeneutics, Bible's long rule of incorporation by reference, TO ESTABLISH A BOOK IS PART OF CANON. Introductory audio on that: brainout.net/QGospelFake.WMA . Relevant chrono backup, audio explaining: brainout.net/Chrono62-68AD.WMA .

Future videos will demonstrate what the audio covers, directly from the Bible itself, live before your eyes.

In short, there are internal rules God enjoins on a writer, to prove God inspired his new book. God Proves His Word, word by word, verse by verse, by THREADING in, previous Divine Writ. Forensically, you can thus tell what Bible books were written at the time of the new one. Thus you can better certify the date of each book. Doesn't matter what it's written on, or when copied. The words themselves, serve as your definitive guide.

So Mark, being the 3rd Gospel, QUOTES from both Matthew and Luke. Mark being an eyewitness, as he knew Christ also, adds details.

See also the Synoptics playlist. You'll see how, beginning in Mk1:3, Mark quotes one or the other Gospel writer, and then makes deft changes of such GREEK wit you can only conclude Divine Origin. He manages to preserve the same meaning yet the changes are (usually bitingly) relevant to the time he writes.

You'll also need to order Lesson 1541 et seq (200 lessons) of my pastor's 'Paul's Fall' series at rbthieme.org to get the revised chronology of Paul's death (corrected versus his 1975 analysis), which prompted the immediate issuance of Peter, Jude, Mark's Gospel, and Book of Hebrews. No one in the world has done this timing reconciliation, but him. His organization never asks for money.

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GIST: Bible's TEXT proves Matthew's Gospel is 1st, Luke 2nd, Mark…

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New uploads will resume sometime in 2016. To play these videos in order: channel . Sorting: click on 'Browse This Channel', then 'Videos'.

GIST: Bible's TEXT proves Matthew's Gospel is 1st, Luke 2nd, Mark 3rd, John 4th. Sloppy or dishonest reading of the Gospels, results in controversy over them. Ergo, this series shows you how, even in translation, you can tell John 'wraps' Mark, Luke, Matthew; Mark, 'wraps' Luke and Matthew, and Luke 'wraps' Matthew, so Matthew is 1st. If you reviewed the Greek, you'd also know all these Gospels were originally written in Greek; that other languages' versions, are but translated from that Greek (i.e., the Aramaic).

This channel/playlist contains the Synoptics video series from Youtube; beginning at Episode 22, only vimeo will have the balance of the series. Youtube copy is at youtube.com/playlist?list=PL97D4FC19559B634B .

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    I would also like commend brainout for all the work that she is sharing in her study of Bible.

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  • Owen Windrow

    I don't believe in Q either, but I believe that Mark was the first Gospel written and Matthew and Luke used Mark and one of the other (Matthew or Luke) borrowed from the other. Sort of like Jude or the author of 2 Peter borrowed from one or the other as it would depend on who write what first, which would be very difficult to nail down an exact date for that.

    by Owen Windrow

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