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  1. At The Wireless Haven, we receive messages all the time asking us what to do to get connected in places were standard internet options are not very good or don't exist at all.

    In response, we have started this video series to answer the most common questions to fast track you on your way to getting connected everywhere you need to have internet.

    This first video is the most important place to start: Understanding YOUR available signal.

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    Here is a semi-brief intro to the Category 18 4G LTE Dual Band WiFi 6 Gigabit Cellular Hotspot Router – The LT18 AX1800.

    It sports 4 detachable wide-band cellular antennas, with SMA antenna connectors, for 4x4 MIMO support, and 2 dual band non-detachable WiFi antennas. WiFi 6 WiFi and Mesh capability with other Cudy AX1800 routers and extenders.

    The modem embedded inside is a Quectel EG18 Category 18 LTE Advanced Cellular Modem, and uses all of the simple Quectel AT commands if needed.

    There are two SIM slots, and the unit is very plug and play.

    Head over to The Wireless Haven to check it out and get yours ASAP!

    Antenna Recommendations:

    4x4 MIMO single flat panel directional antenna:

    2x2 MIMO flat panel directional antennas:

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    Today we show you how to recover your routers function via reinstalling a fresh firmware image on your LT500 Router. This works if you ever have issues with the firmware and can't access the normal user interface by any other means. It can also be used to ensure a clean firmware flash with limited issues carried over from previous installs.

    If you don't already have an LT500 router, you can get one from us here:

    If you don't know about us, check out our channel and our web store for all things wireless internet connectivity speed!

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    In this quick video we visually demonstrate for you how we connect MHF4 antenna connectors on cellular modems. The connectors are very small and very delicate but they can be connected without damage if you follow this simple process.

    Make sure you align the connectors directly, do not angle them, and apply firm even downward pressure. If the connectors are not aligned you may crush the connector on the modem, requiring an electronics repair to fix.

    Warning: Use this videos content at your own risk. The Wireless Haven assumes no responsibility for damaged equipment from anyone following our tutorials.

    If you want to see our selection of cellular modems, routers, antennas, and antenna cabling like the items you see in our videos, check out our store at

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    Here we show you our WiFiX Cellular 4G and 5G supporting 2x2 MIMO (two antennas in one) Omni-Directional antenna with a marine quality ratcheting base! Perfect for RV, Boat, Vehicle, OTR, Home, Cabin, or Camp use. This antenna is used for boosting your hotspot and cellular gateway signal to get better quality internet connectivity. The included, built in, ratcheting base makes this antenna REALLY handy.

    If you need to get better signal on your cellular 4G/5G hotspot, don't want to mount more than one antenna, and also need it to be a simple no-aim antenna, then our antenna is perfect for you.

    Check it out on our Wireless Haven store here:

    We also offer the same antenna but with a standard post mount base and short (10" LMR200 with N Female connectors) antenna pigtails to add any length cable you need for your application:

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