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  1. Question: Heineken wanted to extend their global ‘Voyage’ campaign into a truly digital experience.

    Insight: The Heineken brand is all about Men Of The World, so let’s see how worldly real men are.

    Concept: We created Dropped, a global experiment to find out how men would behave when taken out of their ordinary lives and dropped into the great unknown. A surprisingly unexpected real-life travel show.

    Damage: Millions of people followed the online series, it got great press reviews for the brand. For Heineken it was the way forward in communications.

    Role: We created the concept, were part of the crew that made the scripts, films and edits, and oversaw the online launch.

    See all dropped episodes here:

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  2. Question: Create the next Heineken Global campaign.

    Insight: The brand revolves around Men Of The World. Well, worldly men are travelers, aren’t they?

    Concept: What is like a culture shock to others, feels like home to a Heineken man.

    Damage: The ‘Heineken Voyage’ campaign was launched simultaneously in 70+ countries, featured in cinema, TV and online and set the theme for Heineken globally that year.

    Role: Under the Creative Directorship of ECD’s Mark Bernath and Eric Quennoy we crafted the script, worked together with director Fredrik Bond on the ad and created various extra content pieces.

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  3. Question: Hema, a Dutch retail brand, needed a campaign to launch their online store.

    Insight: Let’s make the online store go viral.

    Concept: What looked like an ordinary webshop, unexpectedly became a chain reaction of products to celebrate the new site.

    Damage : The campaign was an instant viral hit, generated millions of views and lots of awards including a Webby. According to the marketing chief it played a key role in changing the perception of the brand.

    Role: We created the concept, conceived the animation, supervised the execution and seeded the viral.

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  4. Question: When Heineken made a new TV ad, they asked us to do a ‘making of’.

    Insight: The TV ad was all about a legendary guy. Shouldn’t he be even more legendary in the making of?

    Concept: We created the most legendary making of ever made - a faking of. The hero of the TV ad shows us around on set while pulling off some unbelievably legendary stunts.

    Damage: It’s the first time a ‘making of’ actually surpassed the main piece in both viewing numbers and awards, winning the Eurobest Film Grand-Prix. Campaign Magazine ranked it among the top pieces of work that year.

    Role: We created the concept, script, edit and supervised the online launch.

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  5. Question: Get It Done, a crowd-funding charity network, was in need of an online campaign to raise awareness for the brand.

    Insight: Get It Done believes in helping people help themselves. So let’s help people raise awareness themselves too.

    Concept: We launched ‘Get It Done in a day‘, an online live event creating 170 videos together with the local community to raise the funds needed for a school - all in a single day.

    Damage: The project was funded within 12 hours, got tons of press coverage and helped establish Get It Done as a crowd-funding charity brand.

    Role: We created the concept, worked in close collaboration with production house Czar to create the videos, and supervised the PR and social media strategy.

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this that + the other

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