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  1. more sinefold effect, more gangsta shit
    once again the sound is out of sync, some problem with vimeo converting mjpeg a videos? the source file is fine.

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  3. Made with 3L soft. Very tired visual. Sorry i was tired, but the first what i made in Berlin:) And finally i used the particle function in 3L. The lights can be positioned better. Music is: white lilies from Hotel Costes 10.

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  4. As many might have figured out by now, i am sort of a hippie, in love with psychedelia... Its been awhile since i have uploaded a new example made with 3L, and here we go.

    This example demonstrates 3 concepts simultaneously.

    1. 3d font
    2. Mask generator
    3. Composing on the text model, and on the background using the same texture.

    So what is happening here, is that there is one object, a 3d font, which is scaled to it's maximum on the Z axis. The word "CALMATIVE" is used with the Butterfield Font, a favorite stye of the old psychedelic posters from the 60's. The model is rotating on its X axis, using global graph 1. The model is mapped with a texture from TEXTURE 2, which is the MASK GENERATOR, set to FRACTAL, with the X position moving on global graph 2.

    Simultanously, I am using the Font synth in TEXTURE 1 to send the text to the 3L text module, and grabbing it as a texture to be mapped on the background of the SCENE OUTPUT using the COMPOSE
    FX. The difference is, i am using the FONT TRACKING slider, also applied to global graph 1 to create the expanding of the letters synchronized to the rotation of the 3L TEXT model of the same word.

    The combination of alpha settings on the object and the wet dry of the compose fx, the multiple layers are achieved. The 3L TEXT OBJECT is set to S color and D alpha with depth ON, The wet/dry alpha settings of the compose FX, on the scene output using DIFFERENCE MODE, and the fx on the texture of Texture 1 (the font synth) being ALSO mapped with TEXTURE 2 (the mask generator using the COMPOSE FX also set to DIFFERENCE MODE on the wet/dry.

    The mask generator could also serve as the distortion map to deform the 3d text in this case, although i didnt turn it on.

    The object is lit with two lights, each at the opposite extreme z axis, but with the same x and y axis settings. one of the lights has a bit more green color, the other light has a bit more red color.

    And why the word CALMATIVES? check out this post at my blog to get a fuller explanation of how the government is continuing its research into chemicals as crowd control weapons:

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  5. Fun with Displacement Maps.

    This clip is variations on the same theme. Essentially what is happening here is that the quicktime movie of the fish in the background is being used as the displacement map on a plane being drawn in different modes.. as points, as linestrip, as quads, and as polygons. The quicktime is also mapped on to the plane. Compose fx are used on the scene output, and the color difference you see between the 3L object and the background is due to the transfer mode, as well as the alpha choices for the object.

    What is important to note here is that the DISTORTION SLIDE parameter is set to 30% in order to slow down the motion of the displacement map. This results in the "flowing" motion of the displacement of the plane as the fish are moving.

    So what you are seeing here is not a 2d core image fx, but instead displacement and texturing being applied to a 3d object which is a plane, and that plane is poistioned above the background quicktime. So the displacement effect follows the motion of the fish.

    Music is "Mute As a Fish" from the austrian electronic artist Lichtenberg. These clips were created and rendered in reatime using the built in dvr in at 320x240 pixels in the motion jpeg a codec at lossless settings. The uploaded clip is an mp4.

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