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  1. After an Urgent Question on the Treatment of Uyghur Women in Xinjiang Detention Camps, Member of Parliament for the Cities of London & Westminster, Nickie Aiken, asked the following follow-up question to the Minister of State for Asia, Nigel Adams.

    Nickie Aiken MP - I congratulate my hon. Friend the Member for Wealden (Ms Ghani) on securing this urgent question. The Minister may be aware that I am Vice-Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict Initiative. Does he agree that there is a need to set up a PSVI body to document crimes, support survivors and lead prosecutions and that China must allow such a body of independent observers unfettered access to Xinjiang—or East Turkestan, as it is also known—so that they can report on what is occurring there?

    The Minister responded,
    Nigel Adams MP - I thank my hon. Friend for the work that she does on the preventing sexual violence in conflict initiative APPG, and I would like to wish her a happy birthday. We have made it clear that the UN human rights commissioner or another independent fact-finding body must be given unfettered access to Xinjiang. We have called for that repeatedly in joint statements and national statements at the UN. It is vital that China allows such access without delay. If, as China claims today, these allegations are mere fabrications or fake news, how can it object to granting access?

    You can watch Nickie’s exchange with the Minister above.

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  2. Member of Parliament for the Cities of London & Westminster, Nickie Aiken, spoke today in the House during a debate on grooming gangs.

    During her speech Nickie called the law to be strengthened through the introduction of a new offence of coercive and controlling behaviours in relation to a child for exploitation purposes.

    This has been recommended by the Children’s Society.

    You can read Nickie’s speech in full below.

    "I am grateful to the Petitions Committee for securing time in the Chamber to discuss the distressing but sadly prevalent issue of child sexual exploitation.

    "I am grateful for the work that my right hon. Friend the Home Secretary, along with her ministerial team, has been doing in this policy area. I pay particular tribute to the Under-Secretary of State for the Home Department, my hon. Friend the Member for Louth and Horncastle (Victoria Atkins) for her outstanding and unwavering work to secure justice for all victims of abuse.

    "I understand that law enforcement capacity and capability is being strengthened and investment made to increase our ability to stop child sexual abuse.

    "I am grateful that the Government have published a national strategy to protect children from all forms of child sexual abuse and published a paper on the characteristics of group-based child sexual exploitation.

    "Child exploitation is complex and convoluted. I am concerned that there is currently no provision in legislation to recognise the power imbalance between a child and an adult who targets a child for abuse and exploitation, up until the point that a child is either a victim of sexual abuse or involved in a crime. The lack of recognition of coercive and controlling behaviour in relation to a child prevents successful prosecutions for sexual offences, as well as for modern slavery offences.

    "Although the abuse happens on a persistent and continual basis, prosecutions often focus on separate counts of offences, requiring a child to remember the details of them all rather than the abuse as a whole.

    "In sexual abuse cases, teenagers aged 16 and 17 need to prove that sexual activity was not consensual.

    "The definition of child sexual exploitation is aligned with the earlier definition of child prostitution in the Sexual Offences Act 2003 and does not reflect the fact that children may be exploited due to the imbalance of power between a child and an adult.

    "Available tools such as sexual risk orders, and modern slavery and trafficking risk orders require criminal-level evidence of proof. They also involve lengthy processes before they are even put in place, which can result in a child remaining in an exploitative situation or the situation escalating to abuse before action can even be taken.

    "Children aged 16 and 17 are not being covered by the provisions of child abduction warning notices or for the purposes of online grooming offences.

    "In the light of these concerns, The Children’s Society is proposing the introduction of a new offence of coercive and controlling behaviours in relation to a child for exploitation purposes.

    "I hope Ministers will consider The Children’s Society’s recommendations.

    "The sexual exploitation of a child is abhorrent and a serious crime. Working together, we can strengthen the law to hold perpetrators to account and provide their victims with the justice they deserve."

    You can also watch Nickie’s speech above.

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  3. Member of Parliament for the Cities of London & Westminster, Nickie Aiken, spoke today in an Opposition Day Debate on Protecting tenants and leaseholders from unsafe cladding.

    You can read the speech that Nickie made below.

    This debate and this whole issue is about people.

    It is about what they hold most dear—their homes. Our home is where most of us feel safest; it is our haven, and so often our financial security.

    I know the misery that so many leaseholders in my constituency are going through because of this crisis. It is important that leaseholders should not be made to pay for the remedial safety works required, and that they should be helped out of the nightmare that they find themselves in through no fault of their own.

    One of my defining moments as Leader of Westminster City Council was in the aftermath of the Grenfell fire, when I saw at first hand the devastating effect that that fire had on so many lives.

    Seventy-two people lost their lives and paid the ultimate sacrifice, and we must never forget that.

    Having spoken to Ministers, I know that they are determined to ensure that such a tragedy never happens again, but we must support all leaseholders to be able to draw a line under this torrid time.

    I appreciate that the vast majority of buildings with ACM cladding have now had it removed, or the work is under way, including 100% of buildings in the social sector. I certainly welcome the £1.6 billion in Government grants that has helped towards that, and I hope that we see more help moving forward.

    It is beyond me why building owners and property developers think it is acceptable to expect leaseholders to pay for remedial work such as cladding replacement when leaseholders bought their homes in good faith, in many cases many years ago.

    I will continue to fight on leaseholders’ behalf to ensure that building owners and developers are held to account.

    I look forward to hearing the Government’s plans to introduce the Building Safety Bill and other legislation that is obviously needed.

    I understand that the Government are working to introduce that Bill very soon. I hope that they will introduce building safety measures and new laws to ensure that people’s homes are always safe and can be relied on. I reiterate the issues with mortgages and ensuring that people can sell their homes and remortgage.

    It is unacceptable that people find themselves in this dreadful situation.

    I understand that work has now been done on the external wall fire review forms—EWS1 forms—and that the Government have put £700,000 towards training more assessors so that we can do more of the surveying that is required to get the housing market moving.

    Let me conclude by saying that leaseholders should never have been put in this position. These building materials should never have been allowed to be used on these buildings.

    I welcome the opportunity to debate this subject today, and I really hope that the Government continue to listen and will bring in fire safety measures as soon as possible so that the dreadful tragedy of Grenfell can never happen again.

    You can also watch Nickie’s speech above.

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  4. ""Earlier today, Nickie Aiken MP called on the Leader of the House of Commons, Rt Hon Jacob Rees-Mogg MP to mark International Women’s Day with a debate in the House.

    Nickie Aiken said
    "Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Can I add my voice to those Members who have highlighted the importance of marking International Women's Day this year.

    "The theme this year is Choose to Challenge with events across the country and abroad celebrating women's achievements and in raising awareness of the inequality and bias that sadly still remain for too many women and girls across the globe.

    "On behalf of the APPG for Women in Parliament chaired by my Right Honourable Friend, the Member for Basingstoke, will my Right Honourable Friend please agree to a debate in this place in government time to mark International Women's Day?

    Mr Rees-Mogg replied

    "Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I would refer my honourable friend to the answer I gave earlier that this is a matter for the Backbench Business Committee and it's why it was given so much time in the chamber so that it could take care of these very important debates such as the one we are having later on today for the Holocaust Memorial.

    "But I would add that the government really prioritises the rights of women and has done a great deal of work in terms of its international aid budget regarding the education of women and girls, to ensure that girls up to the age of 12 receive an education and therefore it is a governmental priority.

    The Speaker of the House of Commons, Lindsay Hoyle, added.

    "Can I just add to that. The House Service will also be recognising International Women's Day."

    You can find out more about Nickie Aiken's work as Member of Parliament for the Cities of London & Westminster at

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  5. Earlier this month, Cities of London & Westminster MP Nickie Aiken recorded a podcast with Jeremy Cordingley, a consultant in intensive care medicine for Barts Health NHS Trust. The podcast discussed the pressures facing our NHS as a result of the pandemic.

    The podcast has received some great feedback. You can watch an excerpt from the podcast above.

    If you want to listen to the podcast in full, please go to, where you will also find all of the other episodes that Nickie has recorded since becoming an MP.

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Nickie Aiken MP

Two Cities

Nickie Aiken is the Member of Parliament for the Cities of London & Westminster, the Two Cities.

You can follow Nickie on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @twocitiesnickie

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Nickie Aiken is the Member of Parliament for the Cities of London & Westminster, the Two Cities.

You can follow Nickie on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @twocitiesnickie

Promoted by James Cockram on behalf of Nickie Aiken, both at 90 Ebury Street, Westminster SW1W 9QD

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