Hell Hotel, 2007
HD Video, 34 min, colour/sound

In this film Tobias Yves Zintel moves his way of portraying the state of society to a fictional setting, the Hell Hotel. The hotel represents a place of alienation and rootlessness. People are not at home here, but in an outland. The artist creates a vision of hell as a world in which there are no more values and no more certainties; a world in which people wrestle with themselves and their animal instincts, fleeing to an artificial paradise to escape their problems. Hell Hotel asks where exactly our minds, our technology, and our notions of utopia are actually taking us. Human evo-lution here is not depicted as a successful history of progress. Instead, degeneration, undesirable developments, crises, and doubt are at the center of Hell Hotel.

The film deals with a series of settings that are loosely connected to spaces in a hotel: a lobby, a conservatory, a cellar, a bathroom, and a warehouse. In the rooms are actors reading texts, or bands playing music. They circle around different ideas of hell in our society. Individual scenes are interrupted by brief shots showing close-ups of artificially lit flowers, bushes, and trees, pla-cing the film’s pair of fundamental opposites, the natural and the artificial, on a formal level.

The Hell Hotel is depicted as a closed society. Functioning as a guide through this underworld is an unclothed man covered in streams of red liquid. Reciting his disturbing texts, his gaze is directed straight at the viewer. He speaks to us of madness and alienation, of emptiness, of being trapped, of the evolutionary law of eat or be eaten.

The script for Hell Hotel is based mostly on texts and dialogue written by the artist. Added to this are passages from Adolf Loos’ essay Ornament and Crime, Shakespeare’s Macbeth, and lyrics by Bertolt Brecht, Happy Mondays, Bruce Springsteen, The Doors, and Velvet Underground.

The texts are recorded in a speech synthesizer, which generates human voices. The actors in the film speak with their own voices, but in the artificial intonation predetermined by the speech computer. They do not act, but recite their statements without feeling. Physical expression and the meaning of the text are separated. Still, Hell Hotel is more narrative than the artist’s earlier films. A few scenes are set up as dialogues, but no conversation occurs. Characters talk at cross-purposes, or they talk to themselves.

The spoken texts reflect the interplay of the natural and the artificial. They deal with the conflict between body and spirit, the ways that people wrestle with their natural predetermination and their alienation from an idealized natural state. Everything looks artificial or like a simulation: our feelings, the nature surrounding us. Everything is superficial and ornamental. By quoting Adolf Loos, Zintel introduces a kind of utopia into his hellish scenario: forbidding ornament and focu-sing everything in life on functionality will allow us to leave behind the barbaric state. In other scenes the actors refer to examples of misguided utopias and developments of human civilization.

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Pieces of music are inserted between the text scenes. Zintel’s choice of bands refers to various kinds of entertainment culture throughout history, such as Andy Warhol’s multimedia happening, Exploding Plastic Inevitable, or the synthetic-drug-fueled rave scene of 1980s’ Britain. Zintel al-ters the lyrics, sometimes replacing only individual letters or words, so that each song opens up a new field of meaning in Hell Hotel: Satellite of Love, for instance, becomes a heretical Swastika of Love, referring to one of the most aggressive youth movements in the world, the Hitler Youth.

24 Hour Party People by Happy Mondays is the film’s title song, defining the Hell Hotel as so-mething comparable to Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights—a site for a party that never wants to end. At the same time, it is a place where people remain trapped in their search for pleasure and entertainment, although fun and drugs do not fill their inner void. The socially criti-cal, culturally pessimistic content of these scenes, however, is disguised as the kind of entertain-ment that the film basically criticizes, while we, the viewers, would be only too glad to succumb to its seduction, as well. And with this we have finally stepped over the threshold of the Hell Ho-tel.

Maria Schindelegger Courtesy Barbara Gross Galerie

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Tobias Yves Zintel

My video works from 2006 - 2015. Enjoy.

TOBIAS YVES ZINTEL - [email protected], [email protected]

Biographie / Biography

1975 Geboren in Passau
Born in Passau, Bavaria
Lebt und arbeitet in Berlin & Köln
Lives and…

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My video works from 2006 - 2015. Enjoy.

TOBIAS YVES ZINTEL - [email protected], [email protected]

Biographie / Biography

1975 Geboren in Passau
Born in Passau, Bavaria
Lebt und arbeitet in Berlin & Köln
Lives and works in Berlin & Cologne

2002-2007 Studium an der Akademie der Bildenden Künste
München bei Joseph Kosuth.
Studied at the
Academy Of Fine Arts in Munich in the class of Joseph Kosuth.

Einzelausstellungen/Solo Exhibitions

2013 Mental Radio, Season Projects, London, United Kingdom
Symbolic Exchange, Braennen, Berlin, Germany

2012 Mental Radio, Barbara Gross Gallery, Munich, Germany
Mental Radio, Moves #44, Image Movement, Berlin, Germany

2011 God loves fags, Mo David North Gallery, Glen Wild, New
York, USA

2010 Acid and ice cream, video roam curated by Paul Young,
Honor Fraser Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
Open Space, The Fountainhead, Art Cologne, Cologne, Germany

2008 Confession of Aggression, Doing Identity Bastard,
Kammerspiele München - Neues Haus, Munich, Germany

2007 Entertaining Satan, Barbara Gross Galerie,
Munich, Germany

2006 Fear Fear Fear, Münchner Kammerspiele, Munich, Germany


2013 Videonale.14 on Tour, Central House of Artists, Moskow Bienale, Moskow; Russia
Stromfestival, Kunsthaus Rhenania, Cologne, Germany
Videonale.14, Kunstmuseum Bonn, Bonn, Germany

2012 The Genetic Drive, collaboration with Paul Knight,
Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art, Glasgow, Scotland.
Age of Consent, Doris McCarthy Gallery, Toroto, Canada.
Action Unites - Words Divide, Jump and Run Festival, Hau3, Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin, Germany.

2011 Sospechas: Martin Hast & Tobias Yves Zintel,
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Luxus Loft, Friedenstrasse 16, Berlin, Germany.

2010 Breed and Educate, X-Schulen Festival Hebbel am Ufer,
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Interesting productions #2,
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Kammerspiele München - Neues Haus, Munich, Germany

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reject, international filmfestival rotterdam, netherlands

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2011 "Earthly Powers, 36min" Centre Pompidou, Rencontres
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And the Demon said" Club Transmediale, Glogauair,
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„Hell Hotel“, Galleria Sinne, Helsikni, Finnland.
„Hell Hotel“, Galleria Rajtaide, Tampare, Finnland.
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„Traumberuf Realität“, Rencontres Internationales,
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„Traumberuf Realität“, Rencontres Internationales,
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„Hell Hotel“, Rencontres Internationales, Reina Sofia
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2008 „Hell Hotel“, Rencontres Internationales, Centre Pompidou, Paris, France.

2006 „Interesting Productions #1“, Bühne des Lebens,
Rethorik des Gefühls, Städtische Galerie im
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Interesting Productions #1, Das Leben, eine Gebrauchsanweisiung, Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany.
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Oper/Opera Theater/Theatre

2013 Arrivals, Film and Performance, Neumarkt Theater, Zürich, Switzerland
Rocco and his Brothers , video installation, Neumarkt Theater, Zürich, Switzerland
Das Gegenteil von Tod, Co-Director with Peter Kastenmüller, Maxim Gorki Theater, Berlin, Germany
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Drei Minuten Nationalsozialismus, director, video-based performance, Kammerspiele München,
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Plattform, videoinstallation, Schauspiel Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany.

2004 Battle Battle Battle, director, video-based performance,
Kammerspiele München, Munich, Germany.

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