1. Highlights
    1. Comments on video 06:45
    2. Tries commands out of order 26:30
    3. Accidentally changes hot key 40:10

    Preliminary Recommendations:
    1. Merge Ub with the awesome bar
    2. Changing hot-key setting should include a cConfirmation button with delayed okay, a countdown to notify users that they are waiting would be nice too.
    3. A hotkey watchdog. After hotkey is changed, if the old hotkey combo is triggered an error message and possible automatic reversion to default settings after x number of tries and sudden change in Ub usage patters.
    4. Make Google the fallback
    5. Micro help should include some targeting, like Aza's social bookmarking button.
    6. Any video should be of a much larger default size
    7. Communicate Esc key for clearing Ub

    * I mess with volume 02:20
    * Never attempts to enlarge the video on his own 06:36
    * He calls it wonky, or very technical in a derogatory sense. Then he immediately takes it back, this is a result of social pressure. 7:00
    * Tries to figure out how to close Ub box 14:30
    * As a note to the ethics committee (and my girlfriend!) we did not hit on girls for free pizza. Talking about the opposite sex (and just sex, and beer for that matter) is a tried and true male bonding technique, creating an us vs. them mentality. 20:00
    * Accidentally changes hot key 40:10
    * Blow apart the idea we do multiple things at once is. And yes, you do this too : ) 40:40
    * Tries to invoke hotkey after he has changed settings 42:10
    * Fake answer my cell so I don't inadvertently lead him 43:00

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  2. Highlights:
    1) Mistaking the awesome bar for Ub 04:20
    2) Specifically the Google "feeling lucky" function 05:00!
    3) Setting expectations a little of center 14:05
    4) The random guessing of commands 29:30

    Preliminary Recommendations:
    1) Merge Ub with the awesome bar
    2) Use data gathering to capture failed commands to increase intelligence of the thesaurus
    3) If all else fails return Google
    4) Get rid of tutorial
    5) De-emphasize buzzwords and natural language, emphasize direct values of speed and ease of use.

    * "Take the Ubiquity Tutorial, that sounds boring" 00:50
    * Reads everything but skips over hot-key.
    * Decides to try tutorial 2:15, immediately hates visual presentation.
    * Immediately skips past the hot key explanation
    * Tries typing in command and hitting enter without trying hotkey. 04:00
    * Mistakes the Awesome bar for Ub 4:20
    * Mistakes Google's "feeling lucky" function for Ub 05:00
    * 12:08 "My idea is that the interface should be so intuitive that one doesn't even have to try, it should just do what you think it should do."
    * Gives up on Tutorial after almost 10 minutes 13:00
    * Tries video 13:30
    * F*ng loves the demo 14:00
    * The massive amount of random guessing of commands 29:30
    * We just got likened to a Blackberry 37:30 -ouch

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  4. The video and audio are out of sync. It would take too long to fix it : )

    # Hotkey Confusion 00:55 Trac #395
    # Skips over basics intro at 03:00, leading to confusion about verbs at 09:15 Trac # 402
    # More persistence 07:00 22:00 25:00
    # Issues with the landing page Trac #395
    # Blocking information in his view 08:40, specifically the help information 09:00.
    # User does not recognize lack of Verb command, or underlying syntax. 09:15
    # Auto suggest command based on context, not just user type? Is this modal? Is it habitual? 09:20
    # Picks up on Auto complete (consciously) 10:00
    # Confuses for a full email client instead of a command line, application launcher... Modality... hmmm, think about this.15:20
    # Confused about email "this", without reading it.
    # Doesn't get the cartoon 16:30
    # Define does not bring up preview on fuzzy words 16:40 Trac# 404
    # Checked wikipedia for help 18:25
    # Preview is modal, lacking insert map link, print, send, back, and navigation controls. Even i we included dummy png overlays loaded real controls upon mouse movement 19:00 + 22:00
    # Changing web page structure is not what users expect (insert map 23:00 they expect it inserted into a new email) and to restore the page structure users guess command-z (undo) and hitting the "back" button. None have tried to refresh the page, including an advanced user and a web programmer.
    # Tries to use mouse to select command 26:30 29:00 Trac 396
    # Translate example in Wiki and built in help are mismatched. 27:20

    Do *anything* with this video: http://tiny.cc/publicdomain

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  5. * 00:45 Starts, completely ignore intro, totally misses hot key explanation or settings.
    * 01:00 Wanted search page because she is used to searching for her questions and having them answered (asked her later)
    * 01:30 Pointed out the start bar for windows.
    * 02:00 tries searching wiki
    * 02:30 more confusion about what the Mozilla wiki is
    *03:00 User gives up, I send her to the about:ubiquity page
    * 03:40 Doesn't know what a hot- key is
    * 03:50 Starts randomly clicking- very H1 centric
    ** Tries Looking at her commands
    ** Tried the HERD
    * 04:00 in and no idea what Ubiquity is or does
    * 04:25 user was explained that we are testing FF itself before the test
    * 04:30 more random clicking, 3 places
    * 5:40 Doesn't know what the Herd is
    * 6:00 Steered toward tutorial, skips over part explaining what/where the Ub entry is.
    ** Guesses that it is in Awesome bar
    ** More skipping
    * 07:00 Steered toward movie, she at no point attempted to watch the movie on her own.
    * 08:30 Movie won't load, I personally demonstrate Ub
    * Confuses parentheses as part of the command
    * Doesn't understand need for modifier
    * Doesn't understand command focus
    * Doesn't get where to put modifiers
    * Issues with load-time/lack of loading indicator
    * Wants more natural language selection assumptions.

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Ubiquity Usability Testing

Zach Lym

Usability testing for Mozilla Firefox's Ubiquity.

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