Hello! I want to talk about Joy Restoration and a few ways to restore joy."The Joy of the Lord is your strength"(Nehemiah 8:10). The first and most important way to restore joy is having a relationship with God. Also rest will help to restore joy because when you are tired you can't even smile and robs of joy. Take care of your health and body will help strengthen you and prepare you for greater joy for your life. Also, learn to love yourself and others will help restore joy daily And other ways to help get your joy back is to get back to simple good old fashion wholesome goodness! Also to have child like faith of wonder, simplicity, and trust in God. A little bit of wonder. A child does not know everything and neither do we. We know there is a spiritual world mixed in with the natural world and that should give us a sense of wonder and joy. Also love is still the greatest! There is still love in the world. Yes, There is still loving, kind, and good people in the world. Yes that should give you a sense of comfort and joy. Joy to know God created people for the reasons of love, to care, and to share with each other. It is good to know that love and God exist and even in nations every where in the world. This is beautiful! We also need to change how we see things because the world is temporal and always changing. Everything can change in one second...in one minute. Your circumstances can change in one minute! You can meet the right person in one minute! Or you can have all your events altered for the better in your life in one second. Christ can come back....even right now!....Wow! Now this should give you a sense of great joy and expectation. Another thing that should give you a great sense of joy is knowing you are going to Heaven! God is truly in control. Yes, God is in charge. Joy on your face or joy in your heart. Things are changing everyday and even for the better. It is not over yet for love is the greatest. Love is the reason we are here on earth to share among each other. We can restore joy together in love and goodness. Continue to restore your joy for it will give you new strength. God wants you to be strong and that is His will for you. "Sorrow may last for the night but joy comes in the morning (Psalms 30:5 ). Sometimes there may be times you may need to just weep in the night and in the morning you have that joy. It will help, yes. It is God's will for you to to be happy, in peace, and to be full of joy. For the joy in the Lord is your strength and God wants you to be strong. God bless you! See you later. )

Note: Joy also comes from spending time with God and his word and getting to know Him in relationship. Take time to know God. Take one step to God and He will take too. Be blessed!

Technical Note: Upgrade 2.5 will be the current upgrade for now on. Upgrade 3.0 is to too difficult to manifest and encode and so settling for now. If you would like to help visit our website and send a love gift for better technology to build. Let the joy of the Lord be your strength! Praise God! God bless you!



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