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    Edited: Caleb Barclay
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    Pictures have the power to heal and to destroy; to raise up and to tear down. Our mind's whole understanding of a certain culture could be defined by a single picture: the forwarded email from a relative, a character in the last movie we saw, or the latest headline on CNN.

    Join with us in the Seven Stories venture. Starting with Muslims and Arabs, the Peace Frame will target individual people groups and cultures and create seven documentaries for each of the seven crucial facets of culture-from music, cuisine, apparel, and the arts, to the deeper issues of family, religion, and personal life. Look for Seven Stories on Youtube or before a show at your local theaters.

    Ours is a generation of apathy, and we have the responsibility to reclaim it -- to start using our own brains to create art; culture; music; life. There's a theory that the first generation creates, the second generation builds on that foundation, and the third skates by on what their parents and grandparents have done. The widespread apathy of our generation would say we're one of those unhappy third. The Peace Frame plans to reset the cycle. Project Think, through sneak-peek commercials and trailers, aims to get people thinking again -- connecting with the culture all around them, and inevitably, making more.

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  2. Popular rhetoric supposes Western and Islamic civilizations are bound to clash. But is this true?

    This micro-documentary explores a heart-touching friendship between Molly (American) and Anum (Pakistan) as well as the positive and sometimes challenging experiences of two other Muslim exchange students in America.

    Millions of Muslims around the world are being demonized as “extremists” or “terrorists” because of the heinous acts of a few. Much of this is fueled when media, politicians, and religious leaders present conflicts as binary oppositions--good vs. evil.

    As these Muslim youth mature amidst this global context, they find themselves struggling to dissociate themselves from extremism. Western youth approach adulthood pre-conditioned to fear Muslims. Likewise, young Muslims often perceive Western youth as unanimously materialistic, immoral, and arrogant--devoid of family values, faith, and honor.

    My motivation in creating this short film was to "love my neighbor" as Jesus taught. It's that simple. Muslims are my neighbor and yours, too. Breaking down harmful stereotypes in all directions is good for everyone. It helps us see each other as we are--people. Remember, we can disagree on our theology and agree on our humanity.

    "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the sons and daughters of God." - Jesus

    Directed & Filmed by Mario Mattei
    Edited by Peter Bergmeier
    Photography & Graphics by Mario Mattei
    Animation by Peter Bergmeier

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  3. What do you get when you mix Iraqi students and volunteers from four continents with donated digital cameras, classes and photo walks? You get a set of remarkable images, three months of fun, and a lifetime of memories.

    The ONE-SHOT Project staged it's first workshop in the fall of 2011, in Sulaymaniyah, northern Iraq. The volunteers brought instruction in photography. The students brought an incredible eagerness to learn. And together they all learned a different way to see the world.

    Photography: Heber Vega and ONE-SHOT Students.
    Production: Oscar Leon.
    Ukelele Smile
    By Robert Critchley and Brent Robitaille
    Copyright 2011
    Used by permission.

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  4. Short film highlighting the rickshaw riders of Bangladesh. We follow Raju for a day - a rider with a wife and young child who tries to make ends meet, amidst the poverty of a nation struggling to survive.

    Made with the support and staff from Symbiosis Bangladesh. symbiosis-int.org/ and AusAid (Australia)

    Written and directed by Mark Nebauer. scribeonline.com.au

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  5. This is a multimedia essay by Matt Brandon and myself. We first approached this essay thinking we wanted to help preserve 2 dying trades among the Mamas in Penang, butchering and fish mongering. Through the process of making this we found out that, while we may have felt sad that these trades are dying out, this current generation is content to be the last. Their children are the first generation to become professionals among them.

    Check out more of Matt's work here:

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This is the Official Channel of the International Guild of Visual Peacemakers (IGVP) visualpeacemakers.org

The VISUAL PEACEMAKERS CHANNEL is a collection of curated videos--from both IGVP members & non-members--that characterize Visual Peacemaking

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This is the Official Channel of the International Guild of Visual Peacemakers (IGVP) visualpeacemakers.org

The VISUAL PEACEMAKERS CHANNEL is a collection of curated videos--from both IGVP members & non-members--that characterize Visual Peacemaking in some way.

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Our world is polarized by “shocking” news, stereotyping, and a steady influx of tragic stories. Media often exploits people’s desire to confirm their thoughts about “the other.” The result is social distance, which can lead to apathy, fear, slander, prejudice, and sometimes violence. Where conflict, mistrust, or misconceptions exist, stories of common humanity nurture hope and new perspectives.

Visual Peacemaking aims to bring humans closer together. We believe ordinary people in distinct cultural and circumstantial contexts often live extraordinary lives with themes that transcend ethnic, cultural, and religious identities. Themes of love, purpose, forgiveness, redemption, self-discovery, and overcoming adversity cause us to recognize our place in the shared Human Experience. In this way, audiences become part of the story, taking ownership and action themselves.

Visual storytelling holds unprecedented potential to cultivate peace, understanding, and admiration between diverse peoples. Through human stories we discover pieces of ourselves in others. We relate their actions and choices to our own experiences and find meaning in our own life. Learn more & Get Involved at visualpeacemakers.org

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