The Well Diagnosis Company

  1. Combining EV’s HD e-line video with an industry leading 24/40 arm caliper, the IVC provides real time answers to well integrity issues. The qualitative color images combined with the quantitative caliper measurements give definitive results.
    The Integrated Video Caliper string uses EV’s proprietary telemetry which runs at up to 300 kbps to provide both streaming color video and high resolution multi-finger caliper data in real time.

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  2. With the use of software during the post processing of the video we obtain with our cameras, we are able to take accurate measurements of objects in the wellbore such as height, width, area, perimeter, circularity, etc. This clip shows one of the several perfs that were measured pre and post frac as part of a project to optimize completions by understanding where the frac is going and how perforation size is affected by frac. Other considerations taken as part of a project to optimize completions are wellbore trajectory, phasing, perf orientation in relationship to high side of the well, and various frac data.

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  3. An unexpected cause of an obstruction was found with an EV camera saving the customer from further damage that may have been caused by the scheduled milling operation. Several over-torqued collars were observed which were protruding into the wellbore.

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  4. EV's Optis memory camera run in tandem with pressure, temperature, and casing collar locator gauges helps identify fluid producing zones in a gas well. This information is then used to execute a water shutoff plan.

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The Well Diagnosis Company

EV Downhole Video

A collection of videos from inside oil and gas wells from around the world captured by EV Downhole Video's camera operators.

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