1. As well as running the World's largest festival about wild whales and dolphins - WhaleFest - Incredible Oceans also run other events and take part in other festivals. Here we are part of the Oceans Festival at the Telegraph Outdoor, Adventure and Camping Show, London ExCel, 16-19 February 2017.

    Over 15,500 people engaged with our installation and our focus at the event was on a visitor journey through our abundant oceans, then into one where ocean plastic is more abundant than fish, and there finally into an Ocean Solutions zone filled with products made from up-cycled fishing nets and plastics, plus great alternatives to single-use plastic items such as cups, bags, water bottles and drinking straws.

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  2. Bringing ocean education alive.
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  3. WhaleFest is a weekend of passion, entertainment, science and education, spread across multiple live stages. It’s alive with celebrities, experts, movies, music, live-streamed interviews, marine organisations, incredible kids activities, exhibitors and much more.

    It’s where the World gathers to give whales, dolphins and marine life a bigger voice. We spark a passion for them that deep down we all share, helping people to discover the threats that ocean creatures face as well as the solutions that can make a difference.

    Our recipe for success is that we make it accessible and entertaining, inspiring the next generation to love and defend the very oceans upon which all life on Earth depends.

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  4. ‘Incredible Oceans’ is a cross-curricular, guided learning programme for children in primary schools. By taking part in classroom activities, supported by a series of filmed demonstration lectures children will be encouraged to engage practically, academically and emotionally with planet earth’s largest living environment, the sea. This hands-on, innovative project will act as a catalyst to spark a life-long appreciation for marine life and the importance of our oceans.

    The World Cetacean Alliance (WCA) is a registered charity (1160484) and in partnership with WhaleFest, a social enterprise (8505068) that is the largest global education and exchange event for whales and dolphins, we have created Incredible Oceans.

    The World Cetacean Alliance (honorary president Jean-Michel Cousteau) is the world’s largest charitable partnership working to protect whales, dolphins and porpoises (cetaceans). Together representing 70 Partners in 23 countries worldwide and expanding rapidly. Through cooperation, the partners of the World Cetacean Alliance aim to conserve and protect cetaceans and their habitats in the world’s oceans, seas and rivers, to ensure their continued health and survival. worldcetaceanalliance.org

    WhaleFest is the world’s biggest, most popular event of its kind. Filled with entertaining education, science and activities, it touches the hearts and minds of a huge family audience inspiring them to be ambassadors for marine life and oceans. Run by a small team plus 700+ volunteers, over 15,000 people took part in 2015. whale-fest.com

    Ocean Education
    Covering 72 percent of the Earth and supplying half its oxygen, the ocean is our planet's life support system. And yet, formal ocean education is not standardised in primary schools. At the moment no comparative alternative to Incredible Oceans exists. The quality of teaching and depth of knowledge in this subject area is largely dependent upon the interest and enthusiasm of individual teachers as well as physical proximity to the coast. Other factors such as social grouping, family circumstances, cultural background and urbanisation can all impact upon whether or not a child is given to opportunity to see and appreciate the ocean at a young age.

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  5. We're WhaleFest and we're raising £5,000 to buy our own inflatable life-size orca to bring you face to face with this majestic whale. crowdfunder.co.uk/whale-of-a-time/

    "One of my most memorable marine encounters was swimming with wild killer whales off the coast of New Zealand. Experiencing the power, size and grace of these sentient beings on their terms was a truly remarkable experience that I'll never forget. I'm a big advocate for fun educational projects like this that encourage people to discover the marine environment whilst appreciating the conservation issues. WhaleFest do a stellar job, but there is a lot more that they want to achieve with your support". Monty Halls, TV Presenter and Adventurer

    Why a life-size inflatable whale?

    Life-size inflatable whales provide a memorable experience for both adults and children alike.

    By standing side by side with a life-size replica orca one can feel their awesome size and presence and imagine the size of the territories that they roam in the wild. This in turn can lead to a real appreciation of the issues that these animals face in small pools in marine parks.

    Fundamentally life-size inflatables are key to inspiring people to both adore and protect whales. They make a long-term impression, provide a powerful learning experience and trigger an appreciation of the issues that whales face.

    What are we hoping to achieve?

    We want to increase the outreach of our valuable work by showcasing whales at events spanning the country. We want to bring life-size replica whales to an event near you, so you and your friends and family can experience their awe-inspiring immensity and beauty. The only practical way we can take replica whales to multiple events is by owning our own collection of inflatables. Initially we would like to buy an orca and build our menagerie from there.

    Funds raised will enable us to buy an incredibly realistic inflatable life-size orca. Any additional overfunding will set us on our way to acquiring some inflatable whale and dolphin friends for him.

    Do you want to be part of a crowd who believe in a better future for whales and our oceans?

    We want you to get face to face with our life-size orca at WhaleFest in Brighton next year (14-15th March 2015). You can accelerate our journey to owning him and you can visit him at WhaleFest by selecting your favourite reward and making a pledge.

    Then in the spirit of crowdfunding we need you to spread your excitement about our orca and help us build a bigger crowd. So get on Facebook and shout it about, tweet about it, talk about it, e-mail your long lost cousin and tell them about it. Tell everyone you know that you're excited about our orca!

    If you are not in a position to pledge money, pledge your time by sharing your enthusiasm for our orca on social media and with your friends and family. Again, tell everyone you know that you're excited about our campaign!

    Crowdfunder is an 'all or nothing' fundraising platform. This means that unless the financial target is met, there will be no money at all. Together we can all make a difference. That's why it's called CROWDfunding.

    We hope to see you taking a selfie (or whale-fie!) with our orca soon!


    What is WhaleFest?

    WhaleFest is the biggest event of its kind, supporting whales, dolphins and the marine environment. We are a not-for-profit event raising funds for conservation charities.

    In 1982 world leaders gathered in Brighton and took the historic vote to cease hunting whales. Unfortunately this hasn't saved them and hundreds of whales and dolphins are killed every single day. This is a direct result of the numerous ways that we impact our oceans including the continuation of hunts in some countries, ocean pollution, ship strikes, and some fishing practices. Unfortunately, since the vote to stop hunting, one species has gone extinct and others are near extinction. WhaleFest aims to raise the public adoration of whales and dolphins and inspire people to continue the essential work of protecting them.

    Our family-friendly event is filled with regular people, people just like you or I who are captivated by these exhilarating animals. See our website for further information whale-fest.com

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Incredible Oceans Plus

WhaleFest gives whales and dolphins a powerful voice by bringing together the global community to speak on their behalf. By telling their stories in the most accessible and entertaining way, we inspire more people than ever before - building an army of…

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WhaleFest gives whales and dolphins a powerful voice by bringing together the global community to speak on their behalf. By telling their stories in the most accessible and entertaining way, we inspire more people than ever before - building an army of ambassadors to defend them, their communities and their ocean home.

About Us
We believe that the threats faced by whales, dolphins and marine ecosystems deserve the widest possible worldwide audience.

In Brighton in 1982 the world’s governments took the vote to cease killing whales. Sadly still today 1000 whales and dolphins are killed every single day from what we do to our oceans. Some countries still hunt them and since that historic vote one species has been lost to extinction.

WhaleFest is the global event that gives whales and dolphins a voice. It champions their cause and defends the home that they, we, and all life on Earth, depend upon.

To do that we provide the biggest popular platform for scientists, artists and activists to tell their stories. We make the lives of whales, dolphins, and the people protecting them and their habitat, accessible and entertaining, impacting on our audience’s hearts and minds. We inspire an army of ambassadors and reach out to everyone - in particular by appealing to families and young people.

In 1982 we thought we had ‘saved’ the whale. Now Brighton’s WhaleFest brings together a global community and inspires the next generation to finish the job.

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