World Famous Assignments

This is a personal project by Christopher Harrell, inspired by the World Famous Assignment #16 - A love story. Assignments are World Famous’ answer to keeping the team at their creative pinnacle by requiring everyone to constantly create, outside the bounds of commercial work.

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World Famous Assignments

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Since World Famous came to be in 2005, we’ve always made time and space here for purely creative work. We believe that making art for the sake of the process makes us all better at what we do.

So we came up with the Assignments.

Everyone at World…

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Since World Famous came to be in 2005, we’ve always made time and space here for purely creative work. We believe that making art for the sake of the process makes us all better at what we do.

So we came up with the Assignments.

Everyone at World Famous is required to complete one Assignment each month. You can enlist help from anyone, but you own your project creatively and are responsible for getting it done. Some might take 5 minutes and some might take months.

The result is that our designers are shooting and editing and our producers are animating. Everyone gets the chance to learn about what everyone else does, and in the process we learn and grow creatively as a team. Not only do we get to “flex our creative muscles” on work that is purely creative, we also have the opportunity to work together in different ways. Everyone learns how to better give and receive feedback, input, and ideas, and that makes us all stronger creatives and ramps up our collective creative potential x 100000000000000000.

This project was inspired by Learning to Love you More; the web project and book produced by artist Miranda July. The assignments that July created for her site were often simple and the submissions were of varying creative skill and quality, but when viewed as a whole they created an experience – a body of work and a body of knowledge.

Not only do we want to share our creative pieces of work but we want to see what you can do as well. The Assignments are an open forum, a place to share creativity and to create community.

Pick one and join the fun!

1. My favorite scene from a movie.
2. My way to work.
3. Film Challenge (We will pick a random set of words out of a hat including: 1 location, 1 object, 1 subject and 1 emotion. Make a film based on those words. We’ll all do this one the same month)
4. A documentary about some of my favorite things.
5. A day from my past.
6. A short biographical documentary about someone I know.
7. An intimate moment.
8. A secret.
9. What keeps me awake?
10. A PSA for any cause or issue.
11. The first time I cried because I was happy.
12. A car commercial.
13. My favorite quote.
14. The color Green depicted using anything except the color Green.
15. A eulogy.
16. A love story.
17. A nature documentary (about nature real or imagined).
18. A station promo for the Discovery channel.
19. A short film about a typical day at World Famous.
20. A public art piece.
21. The definition of a made-up word, not using any other words.
22. A word picked at random from the dictionary.
23. A one-minute short film about the future.
24. Heaven Hell and Purgatory.
25. A short action film.
26. A World Famous identity animation
27. A political ad.
28. A story in one roll of film. This should be a still format of your choice – holga, Polaroid, 35mm, etc.
30. A self-portrait and one sentence about that moment, every day at the same time for one month.
31. A slideshow about a co-worker.
32. If you had a Superpower…
33. A “video jingle” for World Famous. Could end with “We’ll figure it out”, and then a chorus of “We always do!”
34. An A-Team style show open/preview about the members of World Famous. Depict each employee’s job description with an analogous a-team like activity.
35. A 5 second MTV bumper.
36. A 10 second animation for the Nike website.
37. A main title sequence or trailer for a fake movie.
38. A music video.
39. A story using found footage. Must reference source if found on the internet.
40. Make a silent movie.
41. Johnny goes to the store for milk and never comes back.
42. A video based on a poem.
43. A pornographic movie.
44. A video journal for a month, condensed to less than two minutes.
45. Document a crime.
46. Blow something up.
47. A short film based on something that happened in or around your first car.
48. Who/What is God?
49. What is love?
50. Document a fight.
51. Depict a void
52. An interesting print design (movie poster, book cover, album cover etc.
) turned into an animation.
53. A new piece using production elements from an existing World Famous project.
54. An idea that was shot down or not executed for whatever reason.
55. Something using the Number 5.
56. A video for Valentine’s Day.
57. Super 8 film challenge. Film must be shown as it comes out of the camera. No post edits or sound.
58. A story told using math.
59. A triptych.
60. A public survey.
61. A “how to” video.
62. A showcase of a collection.
63. A hidden camera video. Take responsibility for it.
64. An animal of your own creation.
65. A puppet show.
66. Lost and found.
67. Make a mistake.

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