1. Named after the best basketball player in the NBA, the LEBRON (LEveldb, BROwserify, Npm) stack is a group of technologies that have arisen out of the Node community that are useful for building all types of applications with JavaScript. npm let's you share small JavaScript modules, Browserify makes them work in web browsers, and LevelDB is a database that works on the server and the client that currently has over 200 plugins/modules on npm. This talk will talk about what these technologies are good for and why they are getting so popular.

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  2. React is a fairly new UI library for JavaScript. Yes, there’s literally a ton of those around, but React is a product of out-of-the-box thinking and does things a bit differently than most of the others.

    All the cool people are using React these days, so let’s jump on that bandwagon and add some more buzzwords (mobile! Topcoat!) for good measure. This talk will give you a quick introduction to what React can do and show you how to write simple components, and we'll take a quick look at how you can make sure your components don’t crash and burn on mobile.

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  3. Multidimensional arrays are a fundamental data type, with diverse applications in geometry, graphics, vision, DSP, machine learning, scientific computing and much more. Many of these tasks are also interesting for web applications, but exploration here is hampered by the lack of efficient multidimensional array in JavaScript. ndarrays solve this problem by introducing a simple data structure for manipulating slices of higher dimensional data. This talk will cover how ndarrays work, and give an overview of the growing modular ecosystem around ndarrays

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  4. As JavaScript developers we obsess about doing things the right way. Drawing from copious examples I'll attempt to show that there's no right or wrong, that dogma is your enemy and conventional wisdom is no match for self-discovery.

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  5. A deep dive into the world of peer to peer. What if you could stream the contents of a torrent? What if these streams were real-time and data was fetched based on demand? What if you could play around with these streams in JavaScript? This talk will be about answering these questions - expect mad science.

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