Web Rebels 2015

  1. Creating robots and programming them with JavaScript has never been easier, with the release of open source libraries to help you do so. What’s bubbling under the surface of these enormously expressive libraries, though? Discover with me a deep world of many layers all working together in order to line up bits, bytes and electrical current. Expect an accessible story-driven exploration, which will open up new ways to appreciate the primitive workings of computers with language as literature.

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  2. A walk through the technologies required to create a VR simulation with user interaction inside a browser. My application uses the Leap motion Javascript API and plugin ecosystem to create a moving hand with bone rigging on a mobile device over WebRTC. The VR headset display is created using the Three.Js library to create a split screen stereo view for a Google Cardboard and the Device Orientation control plugin to tap into accelerometer data from a mobile device.

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  3. What’s does a mouse drag event have in common with an Array of numbers? The answer to this question may surprise you: they are both collections.

    This key insight holds the key to dramatically simplifying asynchronous programming in JavaScript. In this talk you will learn how you can use the familiar JavaScript Array methods to create surprisingly expressive asynchronous programs.

    Using just a few functions, you will learn how to do the following:

    Declaratively build complex events out of simple events (ex. drag n’ drop)
    Coordinate and sequence multiple Ajax requests
    Reactively update UI’s in response to data changes
    Eliminate memory leaks caused by neglecting to unsubscribe from events
    Gracefully propagate and handle asynchronous exception
    In this talk we’ll be exploring the Reactive Extensions (RxJS) library, which allows us to treat events as collections. You’ll learn about how Netflix uses Rx on the client and the server, allowing us to build end-to-end reactive systems. We’ll also contrast Rx with Promises, another popular approach to building asynchronous programs in JavaScript.

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  4. Are your kids learning how to code? Whatever job they'll have in the future knowledge of how computers work is going to be an advantage. Several countries have already introduced compulsory computing in schools, but Norway is currently lagging behind. Who gets to decide what is being taught? Should we let tech giants like Google or Facebook do it in after school clubs? If we leave the education to them can we trust them to also teach about corporate mass surveillance? What about civic tech? If the goal is not to produce new workerbees for these institutions but rather create a society of tech savvy rebels who will change the world for the better, what should we do?

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  5. In this talk we’ll take a look at the various ways JavaScript relies on Unicode, what the consequences are for JavaScript developers wishing to support full Unicode, and how the upcoming ECMAScript 6 (or ES 2015 as it’s being called nowadays) will improve this.

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Web Rebels 2015

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