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  1. Alright, animated short film #6 is underway! With 47 scenes in under 3 minutes, I've committed to a MORTAL LOCK on my scene lengths for animation so I can directly compare the animatic to the final animation in November. Here's my progress so far:

    105 hours TOTAL so far, 450 hours budgeted.
    @30 hours dev and sketches spent up to 2018-04-22


    04-23 Mon 1.5 31.5 0.5 dino bones, 1.0 music
    04-24 Tues 1.5 33.0 samples review, music instrument testing
    04-25 Wed 2.0 35.0 samples review, Milky Tracker music
    04-26 Thurs 1.5 36.5 Milky
    04-27 Fri 1.0 38.5 Milky
    04-28 Sat 4.0 42.5 Milky yeah whole thing structured now, timing match functional; samples
    04-29 Sun 2.5 45.0 up to bridge

    04-30 Mon 2.0 47.0 chiptune bridge, yeah, final 4 pages then "making of"
    05-01 Tues 2.0 49.0 music finish, "making of" file
    05-02 Wed 2.0 51.0 soundcloud upload and making of; bleach 54 ichigo kuchiki so good
    05-03 Thurs 0.5 51.5 upload soundtrack promo, marketing
    05-04 Fri 0.5 52.0 music done! End week 2 MM busy times, rest
    05-05 Sat 1.5 53.5 board sketches1

    05-07 Mon 1.5 55.0 board sketches2
    05-08 Tues 2.0 57.0 Whew, 2 more hours drawing, pushing hard
    05-09 Wed 0.5 57.5 Anim talk Florian, Xavier, et al cool stuff
    05-10 Thurs 0.5 58.0 Burnout Revenge night
    05-11 Fri 1.5 59.5 Day 5 week 3 MM turning point; "The Goo" dev not tracked
    05-12 Sat 3.0 62.0 manga ref/early boarding, scans
    05-13 Sun 2.0 64.0 poster concept; model sheets

    05-14 Mon 1.5 65.5 model sheet cat
    05-15 Tues 1.5 67.0 model sheet mouse1; supernova 2018 start for next week
    05-16 Wed 0.5 67.5 sketches
    05-17 Thurs 1.0 68.5 sketches/boards
    05-18 Fri 0.5 69.0 sketches
    05-19 Sat 4.0 73.0 boards/sketches
    05-20 Sun 1.0 74.0 sketches

    05-21 Mon 2.5 76.5 model sheets
    05-22 Tues 2.5 79.0 opening pan, sketching
    05-23 Wed 2.5 81.5 YESSSSS AM revisit delete organ music, PM change cymbals yeah
    05-24 Thurs 3.0 84.5 FMA Brotherhood S2 finale wow; boards into Premiere pt1 looks great
    05-25 Fri 1.5 86.0 premiere boards/animatic cont
    05-26 Sat 4.5 90.5 Premiere cont, "A Quiet Place" at Silvercity
    05-27 Sun 1.0 91.5 NBA game 7 semis; Kil La Kil ep 23-24, FMA s4 e5

    05-28 Mon 1.5 93.0 Animatic cont
    05-29 Tues 2.0 95.0 Animatic v8 cont getting there
    05-30 Wed 2.0 97.0 Animatic cont
    05-31 Thurs 1.5 98.5 animatic v11 just about; FMA s4 e12 wow
    06-01 Fri 0.5 99.0 more boards tail attack
    06-02 Sat 2.0 101.0 animatic retiming; FMAB s5 e10 holy cow
    06-03 Sun 4.0 105.0 animatic tightening, pixel art boards FMAB FINISH tears

    Thanks for watching, more to come!

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  2. Dinosaurs have mastered nuclear energy, and for 7000 years have been accumulating radioactive waste. Laser-techno band "Atomic Noize" have decided to put an end to this tomfoolery, and see their chance when a meteor is about to narrowly miss the Earth - is this how the great thunder lizards really met their untimely end?


    "65 Million Years Ago" is Paul Johnson's 5th short film in 5 years, a 425-hour project created while working f/t in studio over the past 8 months. Animated in TV Paint and composed in Milky Tracker.


    Paul Johnson
    January 2018

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  3. The chiptune pixel-art kung-fu animated short film that we've been waiting for!

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  4. ***Screening at HAFF March, 2016 in Utrecht, Netherlands
    ***Screening at Stuttgart Trickfilm April, 2016 in Stuttgart, Germany
    ***Screening at OAIF September 2016 in Ottawa, Canada

    In 2015, armed with 4 abstract paintings, 4 audio wave forms, 3 types of noise, Macromedia Flash 8, Graphics Gale, Milky Tracker, and some basic math, Paul Johnson created the art and music for BDC2015, a 3:48 abstract pixel-art chiptune extravaganza of visually dizzying calisthenics dancing in time to an 80's videogame soundscape.

    (WARNING: May not be epi-friendly. Utilizes intermittent and flashing lights, please use caution while viewing).

    BEGONE DULL CARE 2015 is Paul Johnson's re-imagining of the original 1949 NFB short by Norman McLaren, Evelyn Lambart, and the Oscar Peterson Trio. See the original 1949 short at Thanks for watching!

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  5. 0:16 top-ranked jobs, squaring off in a tournament for all the marbles!
    0:07 different classic sports game settings!
    0:10 of the most famous (and infamous) commentator calls of all time!
    This meeting of minds and pixel-based bodies on the fields of simulated battle decides the ultimate 80's video game championship - The 8-Bit Cup!
    Inspired by a Keith Olbermann broadcast Mar 20, 2014.
    In homage to great jobs I've had and great calls I've heard over the years.

    Commentator credits:

    ©1951 Giants Radio (recorded), Russ Hodges Giants/Dodgers NL playoff
    ©1966 BBC Television, Kenneth Wolstenholme FIFA World Cup Final
    ©1972 NHL on CBC, Foster Hewitt Canada-USSR Summit Series
    ©1972 ABC Wide World of Sports, Howard Cosell Foreman vs Frazier
    ©1984 WRKO-AM, Dan "The Duke" Davis and Gino Cappalletti Boston College vs Miami
    ©1986 MLB on NBC, Vin Scully World Series, game 6
    ©1991 NFL on ABC, Al Michaels, Super Bowl XXV
    ©1993 NFL on NBC, Dick Enberg and Bob Trumpy, Super Bowl XXVII
    ©2000 Tennessee Titans Radio, Mike Keith and Pat Ryan Super Bowl XXXIV
    ©2013 Dan Patrick Show, Will Ferrell, Dan Patrick, Ron Burgandy visits the show

    00:34 "We have the excitement here that we look for!"
    00:38 "Down goes Frazier! Down goes Frazier! Down goes Frazier!"
    00:48 "Flutie takes the snap...He drops straight back...has some time..."
    00:51 "Now he scrambles away from one hit...looks...uncorks a deep one for the end zone...Phelan is down there...
    00:56 "Oh, he got it!... Did he get it?...He got it!"
    00:59 "Touchdown! Touchdown! Touchdown! Touchdown! Touchdown!"
    01:07 "It's a 60-yard run...could he get across?"
    01:11 "He came up one yard short."
    01:19 "Lookout here..."
    01:22 "A little roller up along first; Behind the bag! It gets through Buckner! Here comes Knight and the Mets win it!"
    01:34 "Cournveyer has it on the wing, here's a shot! Henderson makes a wild stab for it and fell"
    01:40 "Here's another shot. Right in front. They Score!! Henderson has scored for Canada! Henderson (garbled) "
    01:56 "The Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the pennant!"
    02:06 "No good! Wide right"
    02:13 "They think it's all over... it is now!"
    02:17 "There's a little roller up along first...behind the bag! It gets through Buckner! Here comes Knight and the Mets win it! And that was who...?
    02:25 "That was..."
    02:29 "Vin Scully."
    02:30 "Yes."
    02:31 "Phew."
    02:33 "Pull the car around the back after the game, I'm going to strike this sucker out."

    Xonco presents: The 8-Bit Cup

    original music + sound effects in Milky Tracker
    design in Graphics Gale
    animation in Macromedia Flash 8

    a Paul Johnson film 2014

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