Header video for Year of the Four Emperors. This vid introduces the book of the same title by Gwyn Morgan, which you can get in Amazon or Ebay, etc. I reviewed it there, along with Wellesley and an Atlas. This history is the backdrop and cause for 1 and 2 Peter, then Jude, then Mark's Gospel, then Book of Hebrews,which all come out DURING that year (March-June 68 through December 69).

Because, the Rapture was expected.
Because, if it had happened, it would have occurred on nearly the same timetable, as if Israel had accepted Christ.
Because, that timetable got revised when Israel rejected Christ, so the 40-year warning period was 'on' and everyone expected Rapture at the end of it.
Because, Paul had treated the 66-73 AD period as potential Rapture, since then Christ would have been dead as long as alive, and the three years owing to make up for the shortfall with 1st Temple (3.5 years started post-David's death, 1Kings 6:1).

So then the 'debt' of 'time' was paid back to the Gentiles, leaving only the 14 years, since Christ died in the 61st week of Daniel, instead of the 62nd. So it was expected that the 62nd week would play to take down the temple, then the Rapture, but since Church was now 'on', maybe that timing would not be used.

These four Bible books (clever, there were four usurping Emperors, too, the last one besieging Judaea) all explain that the timing would NOT be met: though COULD be met, 'so hurry up and grow up, slackers' is their joint message. Ouch.

Links will be put in here later.

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Year of the Four Emperors

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Bible makes a stink of this year, to show how a believer (here, Paul) influences history. Four Bible books come out as a result of Paul's death (so latest Bible book at that time had been 2 Timothy), in rapid succession: 1 and 2 Peter (count as one book),…

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Bible makes a stink of this year, to show how a believer (here, Paul) influences history. Four Bible books come out as a result of Paul's death (so latest Bible book at that time had been 2 Timothy), in rapid succession: 1 and 2 Peter (count as one book), then Jude, then Mark's Gospel, then the Book of Hebrews. I've been doing videos on this order for several years, starting back in Youtube, but stopped posting in Youtube, back on 11/7/13. So the vimeo collection here, has those old videos, plus all the later ones.

This Channel will be first headed by BOOKS you can read on the topic, then will have the videos on Peter, Jude, Mark, and Hebrews that relate to the topic. The YOUTUBE playlist RFG 5 videos (starting here, youtube.com/watch?v=lH9XGFxAzeY&list=PL5E39FE2FF6897D30&index=13 ) should be viewed first or last, as they summarize the topic's importance, but the Youtube playlist has errors in it, because in the beginning I wasn't sure of the book order. Still, its videos are short and cutesy (dumbed-down). When it covers the same idea but lists the above Bible books in a different order, just know that the order in this Channel description is the proper one.

You establish the order, via the meter. Each of the books TAGS the ones prior, by means of both meter and text, as is the normal style when meter is used:

PETER tags Paul's Ephesians 1:3-14 METER and text, making an interactive marching song out of Paul's text, Peter adding an antiphonal set of stanzas: idea of two Roman cohorts marching in parallel columns down the same broad Roman Road, one singing the Pauline 'stanza', then 'replied to' by one singing the Petrine 'addition'. It's awesome. In 2 Peter Meter Sleuthing subsection of this channel, we'll see how 1 and 2 Peter tagged 2 Timothy, followed by another subsection (from the timmeter channel) of 2Tim videos, so you can see what Peter was tagging. Sorry this is so complex.

Jude then tags Peter, which all the scholars well know, but they don't know Jude tags Peter in meter.

Mark then tags both, using only the dateline tag, but his text imitates the sarcastic style of Paul, then Peter, then Jude. So we know it comes next.

Book of Hebrews bases its outline on a WEAVING between Book of Mark, whose chapters Hebrews follows, with Peter's and Paul's points woven into the text, interactively 'answering' the points they raise, to elaborate on them. Style is the same as the way Luke wraps to Matthew. So that implies the author of Hebrews is either Mark or Luke. We know it's not Paul, he'd died, per Hebrews 13:23.

This is of mammoth importance in hermeneutics, destroying that horrible lie of a Quelle or the false claim that Mark is the first Gospel. You can prove both claims lies simply by reading the Gospels as Matthew then Luke then Mark then John, even in translation (as I'm trying to show in the Synoptics channel, which demonstrates the surgical writing/wrap technique live onscreen). But the wrapping to Mark by Hebrews helps you see it all more clearly.

Videos are a slog. Be skeptical, as I can't have gotten all this right. But enough is right and shown, so you can vet the material. Bible 'balances' like a checkbook, precisely. So at least you'll see something of the technique it uses, with meter-interacting-with text, so you can do your own testing.

Will take years to complete this, if I even live long enough; and I'm sure I'll have to revise, much. So use 1John1:9 as you examine the material, ask God where I made mistakes or what is really true, and He will show you.

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