1. Source consciousness manifests and sustains all life

    The nature of prime consciousness, transmitted from the benevolent heart of creation, as the male and female tantric potencies of creation, energetically manifest as electricity and magnetism.
    This creation code is downloaded into the Human bio-computer via the delivery system of circuitry.

    Due to the genetic modification of the Human DNA and the sycho-social, chemical and religious manipulation of consciousness, major circuits within this system have been disconnected.
    The disconnection of Human bio-circuitry has led to a deficient supply of electromagnetic life-sustaining energy that has resulted in humanities limited capacity to activate and express the full spectrum of its divine immortal blueprint.
    The deprivation of this most elementary life force energy system has reduced humanity to a conflict driven, mortal race, collectively manifesting a fear-based paradigm.
    The reconnection of individual human bio-circuitry will establish a fully sentient resonant harmonic to be transmitted into the unified field of collective consciousness.

    Once critical mass has been reached, the transformation of this morphogenetic field will be realized. The full spectrum of creation frequencies, broadcast through a multitude of reactivated units of Human circuitry, will subvert corrupt archetypal references and facilitate the redefinition of God in the Human psyche.
    As form follows frequency, the collective waveform of a newly calibrated human race, will break through the confines of this mortal prison and generate a model of existence that reflects the full spectrum of the divine blueprint embedded in the Human matrix.
    The reconnection of bio-circuitry will ultimately recalibrate the frequency of the individual and collective human race to the cosmogenic order of its solar system and to its true divine identity as an immortal race able to access any time or energy level in the universe.

    The Template model’s prime purpose is the reconnection of Human bio-circuitry.

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  2. Primarily using ceramic as media we design and create tailored, hand-made, luxurious and exclusive home/hospitality accessories such as: table sets, decorative and accent pieces, walls and ambient installations, lighting and art works.
    We offer product design consultancy including aesthetic concept research and development, mood boards, graphic communication, technical documentation and 3D rendering.
    We provide educational services and artistic support for ceramic culture.

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  3. "You're Still There" Music by BKP - whereisbkp.com
    Music Video Produced By Zak Human - wovenmedia.net/zak
    Images From "Ring of Fire" by Lorne and Lawrence Blair indonesianodyssey.co.uk

    Ring of Fire - Originally seen by millions of public television viewers, this exciting series documents the ten-year voyage of two filmmakers, brothers Lorne and Lawrence Blair, through the world's largest and least known archipelago — the exotic, mysterious islands of Indonesia. These islands form a chain of active volcanoes that arc down and around into the Pacific to form the "Ring of Fire."

    The Blair Brothers sailed with pirates aboard their black-sailed schooners in search of the Bird of Paradise, struggled through rapids and deep jungles searching for elusive nomadic tribes, witnessed veiled forms of human sacrifice and found themselves drawn into ten years of danger and discovery in a magical land where ancient myths still flourish.


    Raised in a remote cave by a pack of wild animals, Brian Parks (a.k.a. BKP) blends upbeat guitar lines with original lyrics and infectious grooves. His influences include folk, afro-beat, dub reggae, indie rock, and traditional music from Africa...most notably Mbira music and pop sounds coming from Zimbabwe. Brian's new album, "Where is BKP?" is available now. - whereisbkp.com

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  4. The Ceremony of Original Innocence
    - 12 Foundation Circuits

    The Full Version of this Video in HD can be bought from our website thetemplate.org

    As a result of the genetic modification of the Human DNA, almost all of our foundation circuits are in a state of disconnection, creating a distorted sense of self that has led to fear, shame, guilt and disease.

    The disruption of the bio-circuitry relating to our primal resonant relationships with our mothers and fathers affects our ability to engage unconditionally in relationships. However, it is no longer necessary or ultimately effective to engage in lengthy post-mortems of childhood, casting ourselves into the trauma-vortex of past tragedies and injustices, reinforcing identities anchored in disempowering scenarios. By reconnecting the vital circuits that relate to conception, gestation, birth and childhood, healing is integrated on the DNA level.

    The Ceremony of Original Innocence takes us back to our first choice, prior to our first breath, reminding us of our true identity - creators rather than victims.

    The key to this shift in perception is forgiveness, the bedrock of the shamanic journey. To embrace forgiveness is to embody the living mandala of love, upon which is based the fundamental Human ethic, acknowledging your “response-ability” within the interconnectedness of all creation.

    Although it is possible to be born with the Water Circuits connected they are almost always disrupted by guilt, regret and anger. Reconnecting these circuits clears these negative emotions, liberating relationships from destructive patterns.

    The reconnection of the Thymus Circuit activates the T-cells of the immune system. This has a powerful effect on health.

    With the reconnection of the Air Circuits, the pineal-hypothalamus-pituitary complex is revitalised, as the pineal is now enabled to receive the full spectrum of the geometric language of light.

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