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Seattle, WA

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Charles-Henri Avelange is a French award-winning composer residing in the greater Seattle area. In Washington State, he is known for his first symphony, The Age of Heroes composed in honor of the Fire Fighters in America and the servicemen and women in Iraq.

Charles-Henri's most recent works include the 20 minute score in the Opening Night film for the Seattle International Film Festival 2009, directed by Rick Stevenson and starring Paul Allen, Tom Skerritt, Matt Hasselbeck, Howard Schultz and other Seattle luminaries. He scored a 20 min corporate video for MOWAT Construction Company and was recently commissioned to score 4 movie trailers as part of an upcoming 2010 ad campaign for Microsoft Corp. He is currently making his debut as an Executive Producer on the online game BattleCell, for which he is also scoring the full BattleCell soundtrack theme.

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