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Two extremely distinct personality traits define Chase. On one hand he is down to earth and utterly approachable—a regular Joe. On the other hand he is a truly innovative thinker with his head completely in the sky—a visionary artist, provocateur, and unmistakable anti-hero. What is most compelling about Chase is that these two aspects of his personality blend together naturally. At just 35, he is the youngest photographer to be named both a Hasselblad Master and a Nikon Master. He has won many prestigious awards for his commercial campaigns, as well as his personal work and business acumen. In addition to creating success for his clients, he has been personally featured in print, web, and broadcast--including photography, film and video trades, celebrity, news, and popular culture media--worldwide. Chase travels the planet at a frantic pace for commercial clients that include some of the world’s top brands, yet slows down enough to pursue personal projects, and engage the people life around him. A gifted leader, Chase still finds time amidst his photographic and directorial ambitions to create and cultivate communities, unite disparate cultures, serve on numerous volunteer boards, and speak at an select number of venues around the globe.

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