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As a Black female actress, Cher Davis aspires to take the acting world by storm. Originally from New York, Cher has come to love the natural beauty, the culture and the entertainment scene of Northern Florida. She has been an actress in commercial work, web series and several short films. Her experiences have given her a unique insight into the myriad of forms that storytelling can take. Her passion is to effectively communicate a story and a healthy amount of empathy helps her accomplish that. She strives to inspire as many filmmakers as possible to select talent from a diverse cultural demographic, and with each new project she works hard to become the most effective storyteller she can be. Her favorite genres include sci-fi, fantasy and drama.

Through her acting career, Cher hopes to become a source of inspiration to many people, including all the girls and women out there who are avid gamers, comic collectors and sci-fi fans. She loves to live life and lives to love what she does in life!


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