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CherryCherry is an independant VFX company based in London and Istanbul. It was established in early 2010 by Tony Landais, ex Glassworks 3D Supervisor and Nico Cotta a London based VFX Supervisor and Flame artist (Framestore-cfc-MPC).

Since that time, the company has grown quickly and currently houses ten award winning artists and producers.

At CheryCherry we prefer to talk about craft over numbers and take seriously the concept of personal vision.

We very much enjoy providing the space for the director to interact more freely and easily with our team; in this spirit we've designed a welcoming new studio in London, where clients are able to sit back and relax while the team works hard to bring visions to life.

The unique relationship between our London and Istanbul offices allows us to speed up the post production process, lessening the financial pressure on the client, while simultaneously increasing quality.

CherryCherry is a model leader in how Post Production will look like tomorrow - bringing you creative freedom, today.

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