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Reading, writing, watching, and listening are things that I love to do. My interests lie in books, music, movies, and television, where I have a chance to experience the understanding of the world through the eyes of others.


  1. CAS 290 Spring 2011
  2. Jess Koster
  3. Steven Jones
  4. Viviane Oliveira
  5. stephanie Rendon
  6. jasmine riley
  7. Paul Whang
  8. Suzanna Brown
  9. Ke'er Lin
  10. Dirk Knibbe
  11. Ben Mason
  12. Sarah Mellema
  13. Kelsey Neuberger
  14. Jeremy Marynowski
  15. Heather DeKleine
  16. Ashley Pederson
  17. Ivy Hu
  18. Nick Keeley

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