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The origin of CHEVACHI
CHEVACHI is a registered brand of EU (European Union, The Union's membership has including France, Italy, Germany and England,etc.), [while the subtitle Du Moyen Age in English means the Middle Age.] The name is obtained from the European hero knight in Middle Age (in French: Chevalier), implying the spirit of " Knights of the Round Table "
The knight of the Round Table in middle age; that was the hero knight groups who were under the command of King Arthur. They were considered as the greatest knight group in history. They came from different countries with different faiths. They were brave and fearless, and they were men with missions. Meanwhile, they were the representative of the noble culture and characters of Western upper class which became the foundation of modern [gentility] in Western European countries.
The Middle age was also the age when the first watch was created, for the watch, this was really a very important period which played an important role , and there were inseparable meaning and effect.

The design team of CHEVACHI:
The chief design director of CHEVACHI is French designer Alish West, and our team members are come from Europe and Asia, all of us are elites, no matter what are their nationality and faith; we have been involved in the design and production of many world class brand products, focus mainly on watch and jewelry.
CHEVACHI wants to group up our team to explore the new vision of watch by right of the spirit of " Knights of the Round Table "in the Middle Ages in Europe and extend this spirit; In addition to the sincere of careful design for each watch, the pursuit of design and aesthetics must innovate bravely with concept of challenge and the brand's inner cultivation and spirit of design should also be focused to develop a new field of the watch brand which pays great attention to both inside and outside.
The logo of CHEVACHI
The previous logo of CHEVACHI in 2008 was a portrait of a knight, and then with a three years brand evolution, the loge at present is combined with a circular pattern which means a round table, and four simplified swords which surround the circular pattern. This circle which is combined with swords and round table represents the “Knights of the Round Table " .

The design series of CHEVACHI
The CHEVACHI team inherited the spirit of the knight group. Each distinctive design is pretty special with a strong connotation and design theme.
During the year from 2009 to 2011, CHEVACHI released the first two series of watch brand design, they are GEOMETRIC and PRECIOUS COLLECTION, the design of former series focused on the point, line, surface, and the most simple geometric design which was applied in the watch design , the style of series was full of simple ,elegant and solid feeling . The design of latter series primarily focused on the combination of production, for example the case which was assembled with multi-layered stainless steel, combination of high-precision metal and plastic, mosaic spar technology and more.
2012 is the most important year for the developing of CHEVACHI brand. The "TIMELESS COLLECTION" which was released in the beginning of this year confirmed the most important design style for the brand. The series design created a unique proportion, tone and aesthetic elements for each watch of CHEVACHI brand with the most simple color elements, fonts and lines. It emphasized the wrist ratio between the watch and wearer and the close relationship with the dress costume further to suit and add the taste and status of the users.
After several months, CHEVACHI released the NIBIRU and AREA51 series; this made a breakthrough development within the brand. The bold and innovative design themes shuttle through ancient and modern time, they aroused great controversy and concern in history, science and all kinds of predictions. The designer connected the watch design with universal concept with narrative design order, and poured the highly innovative themes into the field of watch for the brand successfully. While the AREA51 series became the first military watch which made fashion as the focus within the brand.

In 2013, CHEVACHI released a new watch series again which was called” The Eternal Eye”, the design concept was quote from the relationship between history and some basic running unit include time (second) and gear (movement); it introduced the concept of cherishing the time and creating the course from the small second pointer dial plate; it allowed the wearer felt the positive power which was released from the backstage of the watch design all the time by enjoying its independence running.
In the same year, CHEVACHI upgraded the AREA51 series to a higher level. The new series (AIR FORCE) not only continued the blueprint of " highly controversial military controlled region ", but also added the design element of air force watch as an important part; include design of a large dial plate and selection of seismic Japanese metal movement ; either the materials , appearance or functions, the new series made a delicate and careful improvement.

In the future, the design of CHEVACHI team will focus on "love", "courage" and "exploration", and we hope that the wearers will continue to follow the spirit of the Knights of the Round Table, meet the daily new challenges bravely for the people and things they love open up a new future together without fear.
The chief design director of CHEVACHI

“A good design is not about being noticed, it’s about having soul and life”.
Those are the famous words of Alish West and words that all fashionistas should live by.
Alish West was born in France in 1988, His childhood dream was to be a pilot but after he investigating the cruelty behind war, he realized he did not wanted to have this crazy life of a pilot, way too dangerous, and very long. Alish always like doing marketing and commercial work, and selling product was way easier when the packaging, and the product have a real good image, and a proper design. He spent a lot of time online since he is 10, built some website, draw some mystic creatures and packaging for products he invented. After school, he had to make a choice, selling products that have good design, or be the one that can design the product and be proud to see his work on the people on the street. Obviously, his  love of design, conceptual thoughts and drawing would lead him into a career design.
He is always designing and finding innovative ways to promote his brands. For example, he prefer to present the watch collection in a TVC video which is like telling a story. He  bluntly, if a watch did not have a design concept, it would just be a ghost and a soulless product.
He emphasized that a carefully designed watch should have a stable and clear timekeeper function, in addition to that, a fashionable sense and with the proportion of the human body are equally important. Most of his Chevachi watch use a brand philosophy of black and white monochrome color system, it shapes a fashionable tone with a strong black and white layering, highlight the simple and heavy designing method.

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