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Chiara Armentano started studying film theory at University of Bologna (Italy) in 1999. In 2005 she was enrolled in the Ph.D program in Film Studies at the same University. After defending her dissertation about American Cinema, Chiara moved to the United States to attend classes in film production and filmmaking at different universities (UCLA – University of California, Los Angeles; USC - University of Southern California) and Digital Film Academy (NYC). In Italy she directed her first documentary called "The Rubble"(2010). In the same year she directed with Jason Filmore the short film "Wake", shot in Los Angeles in 16mm. The film would go on to win the award as "Best Experimental Film" at the Mountain Film Festival (California). In 2011 Chiara directs “Another Day”, short film shot in NYC and selected in several film festivals around the world (New York, Minneapolis, Kiev, Foggia, Cornfed-Illinois), included the SHORT FILM CORNER at the Cannes Film Festival 2012. She currently lives in London (UK) where she works as filmmaker and film editor.
- "The Rubble – Le macerie. Baracche Ribelli" (ITA, 2010) (director)
- "Wake" (USA, 2010) (co-director with Jason Filmore)
- "Another Day" (USA, 2011) (director)

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