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Clara Burgio has worked with Photografy and artistical-installation work in Sicily and in Spain studying the relationship between performance and picture moving. She studied Ballet from 1985 to 1993 still today participates in a training technique Balachine. She started a course of studies on the corporeal expression in Palermo, and in 1999 approaches the studying of Butoh with Julia Materia,Valentina Samonà and Sajoko Onishi. The Degree thesis deals with the issue of performance Butoh under the aesthetics, history, and social thought taking pictures and videos. She studied techniques of performance art in Valencia and lately in France.She graduated from the Academy of International Butoh. She dance in formative journeys with Ko Murobushi,Masaki Iwana,Marie Grabrielle Rotie, Yoshito Ono, Atsushi Takenouchi,Giorgio Rossi,Giovanni Amarù.
In Palermo has worked in unconfortable districts for social project aimed at artistic beauty and dignity of the human beings free from mafia influences, collaborating with children and families. Some years ago started dance with the Zen monk of the Japanese school Zen Soto with the dancer Annamaria Gyoetsu Epifania.Theater with Inga Javier: experiences: feature film made by the Peruvian director Javier Inga Jesùs based upon the Hispanic-american Opera entitled ” The Misivade Porborsky “ by M.Ronzino and M.Hernandez. Short Feature film said one of the final product of the digital of the master Digital Cinema organized by the university of Palermo Faculty of Literature and PHILOSOPHY ( DAMS section of culture and show ) in collaboration of UNISON,RADIO, WARNER BROTHERS. She carries out Performances in Italy and Spain, last works at the Festival “ Danza di confine “ by Sarzana in Toscana 2010 in a training course conducted by Atsuschi Takenouchi, music by Hiroko Komina,Portendera participating in the study with knockout performances at the Temple of Montefoscoli,Vico Pisano in old prison,with “Le Dee Morte” at the Huesca Festival of HOBUSKO(SPAIN). She dances in in Cinisi (Sicily) in the days dedicated to Peppino Impastato. She was part of dance theater companies and dance, the last work with the THEATER ATLANTE and participating at the Festival LINEA TRASVERSALE taking part Eugenio Barba. She collaborates with artists born in Aquila, now is borning a new collaboration with the school of art performance including islands in Florence. Organizer of events, along with theater companies aimed to propose to the city of art new form of art, Gramigna festival, with “ le Maledanze”etc… Creator and choreographer of “ Flower in the water” (Duo), and “Solvete et coagula” collaborating with the dancers that have been studying for 1 year with her workshop “Mousikè” a performance of Poetry in collaboration with Sicilian musicians regarding the MIND.Dancer and choreographer of “A ciascuno il suo” that combines West and East beyond the prejudices and monsters created by false forme of informations, the performancies mentioned have traveled in Italy and France. Most important is the appareance of dark and light of the sane insanity of art, inevitable the union of being clown the performance where the so called deformity becomes sincere form and fonderful substance. From the Journey and the book”Gaza Women” by FILIPPO D’AMATO originates a new book called “Ad ammmazzare porci”. Different urban routes- performance art in the streets with “Donna in pasto” and the collaboration with Albergheri(ll)a where lots of squares have been cleaned to restituate art to the people. She worked as a mime at the theatre “Massimo”for the german lyric opera “I Predestinati” wich lives different realities as the flashmob that this year has been performed in different European cities in honour of the Master Kazuo Hhno.Zen practice, painting,sculpture Butoh have been and are still alive at the Academy of Fine Arts. Our thanks are to the Master. IT,s the flower that grows, effimeral nature in is eternal cycle, a flower that slowly with his hole being grows in a simply magic natural cycle.A dancing body is always in transformation,the movement originates from within to flourish out, than switches to the senses.

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