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Good things come to those who wait, as Montreal/Winnipeg band Chic Gamine well know. A five-year gap between studio albums – one filled with bold adventuring and winding detours – culminates in the release of their third album, Light A Match. The Juno Award-winning band emerge renewed and transformed by a path that brought their musical aspirations into sharp focus. They’ve been busy since their start in 2007 and have toured extensively, feeling the love from fans all over North America and parts of Europe. They’ve independently released two full albums, an American re-release and a Holiday-themed EP, had their music play on ABC’s The Fosters and General Hospital, and grown through the challenges of personnel changes… All on the way to putting out a record that shows they’re just as magnetic as in their fresh-faced beginning and ready to show a more amped-up side or themselves, one truer to the vision they had in the first place. Broader instrumentation, performances pushed up a couple notches, a first-rate rhythm-section and the rare chemistry of the three voices – blending beautifully, yet individually characteristic – unfailingly emotional and stirring. On Light a Match, Chic Gamine talks love and relationships, daydreams and slowly going crazy, ranging widely from the danceable, r’n’b oriented Maybe I Need Some Good Loving, to the abstract, atmospheric bilingual Je tombe (Where I Fall). They’re soulful and fiery, moody and tender, and they’ve come into their own. Album number three drops everywhere on October 23rd, 2015. So whether good things come in threes, small packages or to those who wait, with Light A Match, Chic Gamine – and the rest of us – have clearly got one very good thing on their hands. 

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