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Chief is an independent men's lifestyle clothing brand that rooted from being a specialized vintage shop in 2011. The development of the brand is caused by the owner's commitment to a lifestyle. A lifestyle he wanted to share, a lifestyle the brand embodies today.

It is the way of living where one values the importance of living life. While in the course of life, we all do acts, and an act is influenced by information. Without information, a person will not know where to start. That's our mission, to inform and influence that there is more to one's cycle of life, to encourage the informed to do something, and to create a society that is open-minded, liberal and entirely experienced. No one can really quantify all the things we can experience in this world, but one can make the most of what he is capable of experiencing.

In a way to promote the idea of the lifestyle, Chief embraces a fascinating style of art, film. Like our films, we also create clothing with classic construction, casual-inspired aesthetic and great-detailed quality, that expresses the same ideologies. The clothing is the tangible representation of the lifestyle, an extension of a wearer's ideology and principle. On the other hand, the films are our instruments to inspire and influence, which manifest our philosophy. To live.. and


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