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Our mission is to change the world for hurting and forgotten children by giving them hope in the love of Jesus Christ.

We do this by taking humanitarian and spiritual aid into the hard places where war, natural disasters and disease epidemics have devastated societies. These children in hard places know horrors most of our children have never even heard of. Food, shelter, medicine and education are not enough to heal their emotions. Most have been sexually abused, beaten and some have even been forced to murder and maim as child warriors. They need hope. Hope’s name is Jesus! Our work currently focuses heavily on Swaziland, Mozambique and Zimbabwe, and efforts are also underway in Vietnam and the Philippines.

It takes a comprehensive approach to caring for orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), and we do this by treating the whole child. Most of this is done for the children through our network of CarePoints. And a CarePoint is a what its name implies: a point of care. It can be set up with as little investment as a tent and some pots and bowls. When it is matured, in its most effective state, it is a central point for carrying out the many care-giving and developmental programs that Children’s Cup has proven that make a difference in a child’s life forever.

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