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Jose Marcelino Ortiz has been a working filmmaker and producer for over 8 years. His diverse background in the entertainment industry ranges from independent films to television production.

Starting out as an accomplished editor and motion graphic designer, Marcelino had the opportunity to cut moving feature documentaries and short films that earned international recognition and awards. He then employed his creative talents for the TV and was given the chance to lead larger projects; Marcelino has hosted, produced and directed hundreds of hours of award-winning TV shows. However, his career has always gravitated toward the pursuit of his true passion: film.

He has had the opportunity to work on feature films, produce and direct several short films. Marcelino’s keen storytelling sense permeates the way he works with actors, directs the camera and makes the right cut. He continues to build a powerful set of skills as a well rounded filmmaker, Director and content producer.


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