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Our Mission is to Connect, Reach, Build, Care - leading people to become fully devoted followers of Christ

Choctaw Road Baptist Church exists to Connect, Reach, Build & Care because we believe people are created for relationships John 17:20-21
• We seek to connect people into a meaningful relationship with God, with fellow believers, and with a lost world.
because we have been given the challenge of reaching this world–Matthew 28:19
• Because we believe God gave us the challenge of reaching this world our goal each day is to reach out to people who are hurting or traditionally overlooked with the gospel of Jesus
• Reach beyond the walls of the church and into the community with the gospel of Jesus
• Reach outside the boundaries of our community with an ever increasing vision for all people in all places.
because Jesus built men and women as He ministered. Romans 14:19
• We build the capacity of people for life and ministry by teaching God’s Word.
• We build the vision by investing in future generations.
• We build strong families by making them a priority for our ministries.
because Jesus cared for people. Matthew 25:40
• We care for another because we are connected in meaningful relationships
• We care for the community and our world through service and generosity.
• We care for the overlooked because they matter to God
Why do we call this our DNA? In Science- DNA is said to contain all the information required for the development & function of all living organisms.

For Choctaw Road Baptist Church, our DNA contains the information our staff and members need to further the development & function of our church body as we fulfill God’s purpose for our lives.

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