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Chris Carr is a Director and Producer for film, theatre and corporate communication.

Chris recently produced the feature film 'How not to disappear completely', which is due to be completed Spring 2013.

He is currently prepping his short spy thriller 'The Dry Cleaner' as director and co-writer. 'The Dry Cleaner' is a co-production between Beyond Mirrors , Cool Hand & Amaris Productions. The film is due for release in Winter 2013.

Chris also produced the short film ‘Victims’, which had its script nominated for a 2012 Scottish BAFTA and the film was also nominated by Film London for their ‘Best of Borough Award’. Chris brought in Alesha Dixon as Associate Producer and sponsorship from SONY, BMI, O2 and Lite Panels.

Chris has directed and produced corporate films for a variety of clients from ING Bank, Phaidon Press and Spinal Research with Silvertip Films.

You can contact Chris via email:

More about Chris's work can be seen at the following websites

Beyond Mirrors
As Producer for Film, Theatre and Web Serials

Chris Carr Photography
As Photographer

Silvertip Films
As Director & Producer in Corporate Communications

Chris is also on IMDB

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