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Oklahoma City, OK

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Along with my wife, Heidi and our three kids (Ephraim, 5; Adelaide, 3; Anderson, 2), I call Oklahoma City home. We're excited to live here during a time of great progress and growth. My love of OKC is echoed by a love for experiencing any new cities and their communities so, naturally, I enjoy to travel. Meeting new people and seeing new places are among my favorite things to do.

In fact, meeting new people and building relationships are what I spend much of my life doing in one way or another. Heidi and I along with some close friends are in the beginning stages of planting a church in Moore (a southern suburb of OKC). We hope to see it grow to reach our generation and more for Christ.

My current projects include working with Josh McCullock to grow the wedding film branch to his amazing photography brand, dreaming up and creating an image for our new church plant, Moore Community Church and working as Director of Photography for local short films here and there.

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