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London, UK

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I love to make films. After working for twelve years at TANDEM, and being a repped Director there since 2006, I'm now out and making short promo films on a freelance basis. Please do send me a message if you'd like to see a promotional or corporate film made for your business.

In my own time I like to make my own short films. The most successful of these has been TXT ISLAND TXT ISLAND was a finalist for 'Best Short Film' at the 2010 British Animation Awards. Animation is my main thing, but I'm really into more general film-making too. I like to 'mix it up' a lot, exploring new methods, learning new skills and combining different techniques.

Since my art college days, I've enjoyed experimenting with Super8 film too. As we rush faster into the digital age, I'm becoming more and more intrigued by the possibilities of film-making with proper cine film...

I run a blog and website about my work over at

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