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Chris Hoffman – Creative Director / Director
Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Southern Africa, Chris Hoffman captained the Zimbabwe National Cycling Team in his early twenties, and raced his bike professionally while based in Italy, heading all the way to the world championships. He later decided to set off to the US in 2002 where he rediscovered his childhood passion for motion design. Hoffman made his way to California, where he worked as Art Director at Transistor Studios and Superfad, and later as a commercial director at Deva LA. Hoffman has also been commissioned for freelance collaborations with numerous power-house studios including Imaginary Forces, Picture Mill and Riot (Method Studios) to mention a few, while collecting numerous awards along the way. He later co-founded well respected creative production studio 'The Core' in 2008 ( The Zimbabwean director is known for his awe-inspiring mastery of color and a panache VFX style. Hoffman's design based commercials and live action work embody creative narratives in concert with rich vivid colors. He currently lives and works in LA

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