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The filmmaking-photag-thing

When i was a child, I allways loved going to the cinema with my dad on the weekends, watching great ones like Pacino, Hopkins and others in great movies on screen. I allways questioned myself how they created the effects or entire different worlds on screen. I remember when i was a kid, i saw my first crimeshow on tv (my mom still loves them) and seeing a man getting shot at, it was so disturbingly real that i had chosen to find out how they did that, well, and many other things that are supposed to look real but really aren`t for real.

At the age of 18 i bought my first digital DSLR camera and, well long story short, it all began to change. The first: I`m a very visual person and finally had the chance to visualize things that are seen by so many people in their everyday life, but now i could catch their eyes and make them see what they wouldn`t in the trouble of every day life. The second, i can make what i allways loved, movies. Well it`s difficult sometimes but in the end all the small things will make a big or bigger difference and a final product that separates from everything else.

We live on a beautyfull planet with, mostly, beautyfull human beeings and of cause, animals. There are, as written above, small things that create our world and turn it into something worth fighting for. May it be our lifes, our planet, our social environment or thousands of other things each and everyone differently seen and judged in a different way. Why do i love what i do? Simply because it makes me see all kind of things in a different angle keeps my mind flexible and in the end i`m getting to learn so much more.

Christoph Klüpfel

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