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Christopher Marsh (M.A) is a multi-award winning filmmaker, video artist, photographer, lecturer and video critic from the North West UK.

Focusing largely on isolation, nihilism, social commentary in a non-linear context and using various art formats within his work, from super 8mm, 35mm photography, VHS, oils,charcoals and inks on paper.

Creating art and film is a representation of the nihilistic state of the inner human mind whilst trying to reach towards a utopian vision, held back by the restraints of institutions, organisations and reality. In my work I attempt to communicate dystopian idealism and solitude through actions in a poetic style, restraining from aggressive imagery and centering more on the usage of sound and/or imagination to push forward my concepts to those who view.

He currently runs the film production company Asmodeus Films as well as freelancing for commissions.

Currently working on a number of projects including the International collaborative art project 'Journal of my Other Self' adapted from the Rainer Maria Rilke novel 'The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge'. Also the self created project 'Sensory Dimensional Gulf A Multi-Platform media project that is influenced by Erik Erikson's Theory of Psychosocial Development, British social structure and elements of Folklore.

Currently a member of the international arts group Arts Secession Cabal

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