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I started working in the industry in 1997 as production assistant for big commercials and events. I’ve collaborated with production houses such as HAIBUN, DUNE and ALTO VERBANO for clients like TIM, PIAGGIO, DEUTCHE BANK and MOTTA. In 1998 I started working for MTV on the first all Italian production: KITCHEN with ANDREA PEZZI. I completed four series with guests like CHRISTINA AGUILERA, BRET EASTON ELLIS, MOBY and over two hundred Italian and international celebrities. Since 2000 I have worked as first assistant director for many MTV shows including GIP MTV MAD and TRL TOTAL REQUEST as well as with NEUE SENTIMENTAL FILMS for big music videos (PLANET FUNK, GIANNA NANNINI etc.) and with THE FAMILY for commercials (PEPSI TWIST). In 2002 I trained as a multi camera director at MTV SELECT. Meanwhile I started directing numerous insert packages and promos for MTV including UNAIDS starring RONALDO. I’ve also participated, producing our local live segment, in BE HEARD: A GLOBAL DISCUSSION WITH COLIN POWELL. This global MTV show starred US Secretary of State who had answered questions via-satellite from young people of thirty-five different countries. In 2004 I directed a travel show all around Europe called ROAD TRIP and over 150 episodes of MTV MOST WANTED, a multi camera daily live show with insert packages, music videos and guests. After collaborating with DISNEY CHANNEL, in 2005 I directed for NICKELODEON over 120 episodes of STRANICK, a cutting edge daily live show for kids with games, guests and special effects. I’m also a fully trained AVID and FINAL CUT editor and I’ve worked on the side as floor manager for huge MTV shows such as ISLE OF MTV, COCA-COLA LIVE, MTV EUROPE MUSIC AWARDS and MTV DAY. Since January 2006 I’m directing everyday an experimental TV version of DEEJAY CHIAMA ITALIA, the most popular Italian radio show, revealing backstage and crew at work using only security cameras. Also in 2006 I directed thirty episodes of a travel kids show and twenty-five pre-recorded multi camera shows for NICKELODEON. In 2007, after completing DEEJAY CHIAMA ITALIA second series with over 200 episodes, I directed another travel show, this time for ALL MUSIC. SO FAR SO GOOD, presented by famous Italian host GIP was filmed between Indonesia, Japan and Maldives. In 2007 MEDIASET advertising agency PUBBLITALIA hired me for a special project: 60 seconds promos filmed on HD cameras for special clients such as HASBRO, SAMSUNG, SHELL, PEUGEOUT, CLARKS among others.. After six years this project it's now a very successful established commercial format calles SISTEMI. Also in 2007 I won DIGITAL ART AND MUSIC PRIZE sponsored by BMW Group with experimental video “My Footprint in Tokyo”. In 2009 I've directed several commercial films for MILAN based production companies such as BLACKMAMBA, FLYING FILMS, CLONWERK and ROME based FOX Channels. For FOX I've directed a series of promos for NATIONAL GEOGRAFIC CHANNEL in Istanbul. Throughout 2009 and 2010 I've directed another live show called SCUSI LEI.. hosted by famous journalist MARIA LATELLA as well as yet another travel show that I've also co-written: R.U.F.U.S. Between 2009 an 2012 with famous radio host NIKKI we created and written SHUFFOLATO, a cutting edge travel show filmed in 21 European capital cities from Reykjavik to Istanbul. Since 2012 my collaboration with RADIO DEEJAY has produced two more daily live shows GOOD EVENING and OCCUPY DEEJAY as well as an amazing BLODY BEETROOTS LIVE SHOW special shot on DSLR and brand new format only for webcast called LIVE@DEEJAY with performing artist like JOHN LEGEND. I’m in the middle of DEEJAY CHIAMA ITALIA series number eight with big renovations and a great opening titles sequence filmed with amazing band ELIO E LE STORIE TESE as well as OCCUPY DEEJAY second series. Just accomplished another huge commercial project for FERRERO and I’m always looking for new and exiting professional adventures. I just love my job.

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