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Chris Nelson is digital filmmaker, born in New Orleans, now living and working in Houston. His focus is documentary based digital film for arts, non-profit and corporate clients.

Nelson was among the early wave of non-linear editors, cutting first on Avid Media Composer, then an early adopter of Final Cut Pro. More recently, he is increasingly found behind the camera, working as a director and camera operator. This work has taken him across the world, from Osaka to Uganda, documenting the construction of windfarms and the implementation of global health initiatives. His lens has pointed at CEOs and tattoo artists, bishops and bellydancers.

He is the director/editor of Toypunks, Vol. 1, an independent documentary that screened internationally and written about in Wired, Giant Robot and Clutter magazines. In 2004, he helped launch a digital cable channel devoted to Japanese animation as the Director of Programming and Chief Creative Officer of The Anime Network.

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