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Chris originally grew up in Eastern Washington State knowing early on in his youth that he needed to pursue a career in film-making. In his late teens he got heavily involved in community access television where he deeply explored the art and science of television and film.

Throughout his 20’s, this experience exposed him to a variety of genres in story- telling that opened his eyes beyond the dreams of Hollywood movies and garnering him an appreciation, and interest for, a wide variety of visual storytelling methods.

And so Chris, never one to sit still, explored a diverse 25 year career in TV advertising, independent film, documentary, and corporate work as a cinematographer and Emmy® winning editor. As a filmmaker he has put a lens on racism, women’s issues, the disabled, and a time-bending thriller.

While these days he would primarily consider himself a film editor, his earlier camera skills were utilized on hit television programs such as G4’s Attack of the Show, MTV News, Real World, TRL, Good Morning America, Current Affair and more. Chris has also enjoyed an impressive background in theatre (both on and off-stage), still photography and percussion.

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