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Christian Abad is a seasoned cinematographer with more than a decade of experience in the events production industry. His love for creating poignant films came naturally; growing up in his native Ecuador, Christian was the son of a humble teacher who founded a city and became its revered and powerful Mayor. During his time in the University, Christian also became politically active; this led him to be kidnapped by dissidents and eventually rescued. The celebration of his release was one of the most special moments of Christian's life; one he would have loved to be able to relive over again through film. When he moved to the United States Christian began producing events and documenting them on video. Chris's love for storytelling and capturing the essence of special moments continued to grow and it became his passion. He knew that event's like a Wedding, Sweet Sixteen or Christening, only come along once in a lifetime; and that the essence of these events and the feelings of the people experiencing them, deserved to be captured in a way that evoked the the five senses of the viewer to be moved and inspired. Christian has trained with the some of the worlds most acclaimed cinematographers and producers in the world; making him an expert in his field. Christian Abad Films also boasts the latest, top of the line and state of the art equipment to facilitate creation of the highest quality images, effects and sound available in the industry. Christian Abad is the cinematographer you can trust to preserve the memories of the most special moments of your life!


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