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what a feeling
keep believing
i can have it all
now I'm dancing for my life
so take your passion
and make it happen
cause pictures come alive
you can dance right through your life

Christina Carlotti Kolb is a white, cis-female performance artist/social justice co-conspirator based in Richmond, Virginia. A native of Richmond, Christina attended the Appomattox Regional Governor’s School for the Arts where she also involved herself in various social justice youth programs. After traveling and studying in Palestine/Israel and Berlin she received her BFA in Dance and Choreography from VCU and is continuing to refine her skills in movement, film, production and community organizing. Christina has had the pleasure to collaborate and perform with FDANCE (RVA), Ground Zero Dance (RVA), LeeSaar The Company (NYC), nathantrice/RITUALS (NYC), The Multiple Bodies Project (NYC) and most currently, The Von Howard Project (NYC). Her choreographic and film work has been showcased at the former DTW (NYC), on Governor’s School Students at Richmond Ballet (RVA), at Richmond Choreographer’s Festival (RVA), and Chez Bushwick’s 24 Hour Choreographer’s Project (NYC). To supplement her creative passions Christina works in hospitality, wardrobe, as an itinerant camera technician, a live art model, and as a nanny. After a recent journey to her ancestral village in Southern Italy to find her great-grandfather’s birth record Christina is on her way to acquiring dual Italian-American citizenship to allow her the possibility to continue her education and career in Europe. She is an alumna of The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond, a co-facilitator with the Richmond Peace Education Center and is currently leading a “Performing Ancestry” workshop with ART 180 where teens research, and in turn, build a performance celebrating their ancestry. She dreams to participate in performance that pushes her physical understanding, to engage in communities that challenge her to unlearn and rethink, and create radical film/theatre that invigorates. And to jam out, always and all ways. A special shout out to Mama, Pops, Moe, and Mariah Carey for always giving her the strength to carry on.

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