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"Man, when conscious of an eternal truth, has ever symbolized it so that the human consciousness could forever have realization in it. Nations, languages & customs have changed, but the ancient designs continue to illuminate mankind with their mystic light" ~ VALDIVAR /_\ \_/ /_\

Please check out a Group on VIMEO in which I started for the recognition of Artists world wide at :

Completely redefining the art of self and self expression, via. means of audio, visual, and the want to learn more within film production! In letting go of standards society set for ME, I have been able to realize I know nothing, not even myself or who I did strive to be!..."I am a work in progress toward illumination within self expression!"
...Self acquired knowledge of webdesign and the art of film production/video making is what I now am so intrigued by and continue to progress in!...Thank you VIMEO for showing me the beauty within life again!)

One can live up to "societie's set standards" while getting educated their whole life. Everyone has a story to tell, everyone has a passion for discovery outside of what society molds us to be! Self taught cognizant knowledge cannot be bought, given, traded, or devalued. The same passion that leads great leaders of this world past to present is the same passion we are all given to extend our mind in silence and observation. The hope is to apply this knowledge at the right time, place, and form. It is something the world cannot take from you and is something you have to want to strive for, which is to not be conducive to a false environment set by societie's set standards. Who set them anyway? ~ Christina W Ward


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