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Madrid, Spain

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Madrid based Visual Media & Conceptual Artist, Bulgaria. Having developed a career in the multimedia and audiovisual industry, his creative search bring together classic forms of artistic expression and new ways of expression in the current visual communication arts. Winner of numerous international awards of Broadcasting design: "Promax and Bda" and the New York (Television) Festival.
Light, Movement, Rhythm, Color... How do they change us? The only permanent element today is, a paradox indeed, change. Change has established as a rule in the world of visual communication. It is the art of the present.
ART IN MOTION Separating concepts: things and events, immobility and mobility, time and timelessness, "to be" and "to become", the artist's focus is on the dimension of “Time”. The "temporary", the relativity, the recurrence of the time in the life cycles and the presence of geometry, are the target of his experiments and determine the nature of his works.
URBAN ART One of the artistic activities of the emerging and multidisplinar artist Christo Guelov develops in the audiovisual communication world and also un the urban space, and it pretends to "humanize" our surroundings, the city, and offer to the people who lives in it new artistic alternatives and different points of view.
RECENT AWARDS 2014 Winner of the Grand Prize in the NFB’s McLaren Wall-to-Wall competition, Montreal, Canada.

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